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Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Has anyone experience excessive shedding of hair after Olaplex 3 treatment??

I thought it was a coincidence the 1st time, but it happened after the 2nd and 3rd tx.

I used it weekly x 3, and the hair loss after the 3rd treatment is noticeable.

I will not use it again (and only used about 2/3 of 1 bottle).

No hair scalp itch or redness, to suggest an allergic reaction. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Could have said it better myself! There is something fishy going on with the hype of the olaplex! I lost 1/3 of my hair! I threw it away just yesterday and decided to google “olaplex destroyed my hair” and boom! I found this thread! I wish I found this months ago!

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

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Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@Vaesther I forgot to tag you in my last are not crazy and definitely are on to something. Way too many women had the same thing happen after opaplex and I'm one. Too many people just repeating what they've read off opaplex and what their hairdresser who's getting paid the big bucks endorse to make more money. Not that they don't have your best interest.😏 Until you've been in our shoes they won't get it, especially if it works for them and they love it. I've researched for the last few days and lots of wonderful info online about herbs, essential oils, teas and things that even science backs as helping to regrowth, strengthen, thicken hair and heal scalp. I joined an awesome group on fb for thinning and balding solutions. Its really helped connecting with other women going through the same. 💗

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

What’s the FB group? Thx

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Hi there! I’ve been using Olaplex ever since it came out, and my friends are all hooked! I might suggest hormones hard water or meds could be to blame.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Do you think this problem I had with the olaplex system could be because of the hard water I have in my home??



Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Hightly unlikely; let me guess, you've had hard water for ages and never had problems until now. I haven't mentioned this is my responses, but this EXACT thing happened to me. So I went on a differential diagnosis hunt: aka rulling things out to get to the actual issue and I thought the same thing RE: hard water. So what I'd done was order a filter for my shower that i replace monthly; however, the problem remained. I recommend you doing the same simply bc hard water doesn't help your hair or skin and in yourhair's recovery process it'll need all the help it can get.  But re: hard water, it can create issues for hair but NOTHING like what we're describing. I did exhaustive research into the topic.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

This can 100% cause issues with olaplex, and a lot of other hair treatments. Mineral deposits from your water build up on the hair and essentially block the actives in olaplex (along with humectant/moisturizing agents in your conditioners, etc) from properly penetrating.
End result is hair that is crispy, brittle, dry, and cant properly absorb moisture because its basically being choked out by mineral buildup blocking all the good stuff.This is probably the single biggest issue I see in people's hair in the salon - hard water buildup. 

Definitely look into a chelating/clarifying treatment - I like Malibu Crystal Gel treatments in the salon and their hard water packets at home. You can get a shower filter attachment as well to help filter out the minerals from your water as well. t3 makes the T3 Source Showerhead Mineral Water Filter, but sprite makes a great one as well thats around $30 if you dont want to spend too much. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@Tess57 absolutely not! I have lived with hard water long enough before opaplex lol and never had a problem with my hair until after opaplex 😔

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Minerals can absolutely inhibit any type of hair treatment from working properly. It can also cause reactions to hair color and chemical treatments - even going so far as to cause extreme chemical reactions that melt the hair when combined with lightener. As a cosmetologist this is one of the most important things we learn in beauty school. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I received Olaplex2 treatment in a salon.Since then my hair has been very stiff and dry!I've got extreme hair loss and scalp pain.For months!!Nothing works,nothing helps,getting worse! 😣

Like a nightmare!

I'm going crazy and i'm depressed!And angry! This is not seasonal hair loss or hormons!Since the product,this is not coincidence!I want it to end!What can help?How to solve?Can anyone help?😣


Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Same horrible experience with opaplex. Its been 2 months since the treatment and the damage just ended up hair just got thinner and thinner. Nothing else changed in my routine or hair care...everything in my life was absolutely the same except the use of opaplex. Although it might work for so many...Nothing works for everyone. But my main frustration and concern for others is that opaplex still claims their products 'absolutely" in no way hurt your hair. They also don't warn against protein overload with protein sensitive people, and then what even worse is the claim its safe to leave in over night. This is so dangerous when some people's chemical make up and or genetics are very different! As many people that I have seen post and review ALL saying they believed opaplex being the only thing that damaged their hair or made it fall out, it can't just be a coincidence and certainly shouldn't be taken lightly or ignored. So many people this has happened to after using opaplex that if we all got together a law firm that deals with class action would probably pick it up. Because I myself didn't even get a single person from the company to care even a little that so many have been harmed...and yes losing half your hair as a girl or woman is truly traumatising and not knowing how deep that damage goes, whether the hair will even grow much emotional and mental damage and strain on our health. Its not easy for people who had a good experience to understand or even believe...but to us women who it has, it all makes since. I'm determined to find out why opaplex doesn't seem to care and why they continue to claim its safe for everyone and no warnings!? I've been sobbing and feeling alone in this for a few weeks here. Sad that others have had this happen too but glad to see I'm not alone. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Yes! And its only gotten worse even though I haven't used it again and its been over a month. I've literally lost half my hair.😭 they don't tell you and neither do hairdressers that it can cause protein overload which will destroy our hair. Just an FYI...coconut oil and castor oil can also have horrible effects on some people and can basically do the opposite of what beauty blogs say. I did a bunch of research to see what can help....peppermint oil, rosemary oil, jojoba and almond oil to use as a carrier oils...make sure to never use essential oils with diluting. 20-30 mins with massage no more than once a week and always do a patch test before using on scalp. Science shows peppermint oil works faster and better in all aspects for regrowth of hair over minoxidil and with none of the harsh side effects. Here's a link to show and explain. 

I also would get a really good but gentle clarifying shampoo, I find aveeno apple cider vinegar shampoo is amazing! Their kefir probiotic shampoo and almond oil conditioner also awesome, first ingredient organic oats. Hope this helps! I know I have seen some improvements in just a couple weeks, not overnight but definitely is helping me. 🙂

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Upon rave reviews and a friend recommending Olaplex, I gave in to the pricey shampoo and conditioner. My hair is very fine and straight. It has not been colored in a couple of years. I started using Olaplex and noticed how frizzy my was. I usually use all different products, but this was very noticeable. I chalked it up to humidity. A few months later, I'm losing hair like crazy! So much that when I put my hair in a pony tail, I notice almost a bald spot! I chalked it up to work stress. In the shower yesterday, it clicked, could it be the Olaplex??? As I'm reading all the posts, I'm convinced it is! Yikes! Thankfully it's not a health issue and it could be work stress but I've had work stress for awhile now. I'm done with the Olaplex. I will definitely know in a month or so. Good luck to you all.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@Osupoke13 absolutely me too! Nothing else was different or changed except opaplex 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Yes!!!!! Thk u for ur post i thought i was nuts. My scalp is sore too. I lost so much hair i have bald spots 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

So sorry its awful. I dont know what to do. Im making appointment with s dermatologist 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@opalpopal me also...😔

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I just stumbled across this site and am so thankful as I realize I that I am NOT crazy. 


I have suffered from auto immune issues for years but within the last three my Hashimotos thyroiditis has wreaked havoc on my body and my psyche as well.

With that said, I have had hair thinning and shedding over these year but nothing  like when I started this system two months ago. 

I love my stylist snd she recommended it for me thinking it would be a miracle since the Rejuvenation supplements I was taking for was advised by cardiologist to stop taking so many supplements. Enter Olaplex. My hair is thin, and now breakage all over. Hairline has receded so that I have no hair on the top of my forehead. It is so dry and brittle. Looks unhealthy. Fried, frizzy and I felt validated when I found this post. 


Well, fast track six months and I have a real mess on my hands. 

It’s been thin and I am letting my gray grow so I use can use less dye which they say can trigger my condition. But this is horrible. 
Broken off so my side part doesn’t work anymore. It makes my whole life upsetting as everyday it looks even worse. 


First thing cancel automatic delivery 

next-anyone having any luck with grow back when this product 0,3,4,5,6,7 has been stopped?


Any reassurance, support or light at the end of the tunnel?


I am feeling so sad I even tried this. I look old and not like myself. 

Please, if anyone has any recommendations or can relate to this mess please contact me. 

Everyone  stay safe, be careful and know you might have helped someone one out more than you can imagine. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@Tess57 its so traumatising, I'm sorry you are also going through this. Opaplex did the same to me as well. 😕

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Same!!!!!Since Olaplex my hair stiff and dry!I've got extreme hair loss and scalp pain.For months!!Nothing works,nothing helps,getting worse!

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