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Oily roots but dry hair?!

Can anyone recommend a shampoo/conditioner or treatment I can use for my hair- my issue is I tend to have oily roots but very dry ends, sometimes to the point where it feels like straw (okay not THAT intense, but very dry). I have naturally curly hair and it's not necessarily super thick, I just have ALOT of hair! I try to not use too much product on my scalp and really work the ends, but it still happens! I also use dry shampoo on my scalp pretty often, but I would like to find a solution to the issue, rather than a quick fix. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!!

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

I have super oily hair, but I recently started using Regis Designiline Clarifying shampoo and am a fan. I also use Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play after blowdrying and not only does it give awesome volume at the roots, but it's a powder, so it absorbs some of the extra oil. win-win.

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

I have an oily scalp, but not dry ends. I shampoo my scalp but not my ends, i just wash with whatever comes out when i rinse. only condition the ends, earlobes down give or take. i use argan oil the night before i wash again, at the ends and in my scalp to moisturize.  Personally i can use just sulfate free as it just builds up and weighs my hair down making it greasier faster. So i like to go in with LP sulfate free & a little non sulfate shampoo on the first cleanse, and then just LP on the 2nd

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

I second the recommendation for the Loreal sulfate free shampoos. I haven't tried EverRiche because I prefer the herbal smells of EverPure but they're similar lines. I highly recommend the "smoothing" version.


Now that my hair is quite long (where bottom of a sports bra would hit) I thought "oh, maybe I should try some high end shampoo." Eh. I've tried the Living Proof no frizz and restore lines, the moroccan oil shampoo/conditioner, and the Agave oil shampoo/conditioner. I am expecting the Alterna minis in the mail today (the $10 giftopia deal - I've heard good things). Granted all these ones I have only used the small sizes but none of them have convinced me that they are better than the Loreal one I really enjoy. All of these by the way are those creamier looking shampoos, which I think clean my scalp well and are less drying on the rest of my hair.


I wash my hair every 2nd or 3rd day. Lucky for me I work in a hospital so my hair is covered anyways and yes I am a greaseball and I probably wouldn't be able to make it to a 3rd day if I had something important to do/was going to be photographed. I do like using a dry shampoo, I like Psssst personally, yes it is a white spray but just rub/shake it in and its fine. I think it works so much better than some of the more "non-white" ones. Although I plan on trying the dark brown Bastiste soon. I used to wash my hair every other day and it would get oily so quick, so I do agree that washing it less often will eventually lead to less oil production (not a super dramatic change, but it is noticeable, and less washing = less drying out of the ends).


For the ends of my hair, I looove doing coconut oil masks. It makes my hair really shiny and I love it. You will have to probably shampoo twice after to really get it out. My friend and I both have fine hair but she doesn't have as much hair as me and it still weighed her hair down after washing. So... test over the weekend first. As for a protein/repair mask, I really adore the Neutrogena Triple Moisture mask - overnight or for an afternoon, I always usually put it on dry hair before showering.


For styling products, I love using the Living Proof Nourishing styling cream, Agave oil, and Kendi Dry Oil mist. I like to use cheaper shampoos but higher quality leave in products. I am trying to grow my hair longer than it probably should be (as in, depending on your hair type and how well it holds up to the elements it can only get so long sometimes) so I am really trying to baby it and keep the very old ends in good shape.

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

Even though it's argan oil, I use pro naturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner because it cleanses the scalp and moisturizes the dry parts, which is perfect for me (I have greasy roots and dry ends too). They're sulfate and sodium free.

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

Scumbag hair, amiright? 

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

thank you ladies! I thought I was the only person who had this issue LOL


i will definitely take the suggestions! Thanks 🙂

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

My hair is straight and fine but has the same dry hair, oily roots problem.  


Things that help me: 
Sulfate-free shampoo. This makes a huge difference. 

-cone-free shampoo - this seems to help prevent the oily at the roots from building up so fast

Reducing the number of times a week I wash - at first it felt weird but then I got used to it and my scalp calmed down some. 
Making sure that I only condition the ends - not the roots. I wash most heavily at the roots and kind of ignore the ends. 
Using natural (sulfate and -cone free) salt spray instead of other styling products where possible - I buy mine from GnarlyWhale. 

(I have other things that I avoid due to allergies that I don't know if they help, so I'll mention them: my hair products are free of fragrance, soy, and wheat/gluten products.) 

Re: Oily roots but dry hair?!

My hair type is very similar to yours. I've tried quite a lot of brands ranging from high end to drugstore and the only one lately that feels really nice is the Loreal EverRiche line for dry hair. I was browsing in Target once and it caught my eye since the bottles (tubes) are gold and quite pretty. I figured I would try it and it being fairly cheap, around $7 or $8 I thought why not. I hope that helps 🙂

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