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Oily hair

I wash my hair every two days because no matter how hard i try it gets so oily! anyone have any products or remedies to help get healthy looking hair! less frizzy, less oily and become much thicker? 


Re: Oily hair

Well, I personally think it could do with HOW you're washing your hair. Technically, you're supposed to shampoo your roots and condition your ends. I would shampoo/condition my whole  head before I found this out & found my hair to be extremely oily by the end of the day - Yuck! 

Re: Oily hair

I have thin hair that also gets oily fast. I use Alterna Bamboo Dry Shampoo (


It works really well for me, especially if you are willing to do an updo when you don't wash your hair. I pair it with a light hair spray and do an updo on days I don't wash my hair. It also helps with volume/thickness from removing the oil.


BUT, I have very blonde hair so I don't know how well it works in darker hair (if you have dark hair). 


Also, beware I am still searching for a frizz product because I find dry shampoo makes fly aways pop up sometimes.

Re: Oily hair

What products are you currently using?


You state that you want your hair to not only be less oily, but less frizzy and thicker, is your hair fine as well?


You may want to start by targeting one issue at a time as if you start of overload on products it can bring you back to square one.


Excess oil can caused by a variety of issues from your hereditary, hormonal fluctuations, to environmental factors.


Though there are a variety of natural remedies out there such as vinegar/apple cider vinegar and even tea rinses (all which work to cut down the acidity and balance the pH level of your hair's condition), you can also look into clairfying shampoos designed to break down and rid hair of excess oils without stripping hair of essential oils it needs to combat frizz and remain hydrated.


Products like dry shampoo can work in a pinch of absorb excess between washes and help add a bit of volume boost to your roots, as will a light mist of hair spray, as the alcohol will soak up excess oil. Don't spray too close though, you want to avoid drenching your hair or wetting your hair with spray and you don't want to coat hair in powder either.


Try applying conditioner just at the ends of your hair rather than the roots, avoid applying products like shine sprays, serums, oils, creams, and other styling products to the roots first/initially to avoid adding the bulk weight of a product to trouble areas.


I'm a fan of Redken's Clear Moisture and Nature's Rescue line as both are light weight and help cleanse hair thuroughly. They even have a salt spray that can add texture to hair, making it feel thicker but also help with not adding oil to your hair.

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