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Oily Scalp with Dry split ends

Hey everyone! I've been struggling for years with my sensitive scalp. I have a brunette, fine wavy to curly hair type, that gets oily and needs washing every 2-4 days, and is very dry on the ends. Nothing except Oribe and Kerastase works for me, so a bit bummed I have to go high-end with such a practical, almost daily use product that ends up down the drain anyway. Was wondering if anyone with a similar hair structure as mine has the same problem, and what have you found best works for you, preferably something affordable if anyone can suggest I would be very greatful! Forgot to mention my skin is sensitive, acne prone, sometimes very dry, other times very oily, with a tendency for breakout and psoriasis, so need something French, and dermatologically tested if possible. Thanks again!

Re: Oily Scalp with Dry split ends

sensitive skin is the hardest skin to work on since only mild products are suitable for this skin type, but mild products are just...mild, it doesn't strong enough to solve the problem.

p/s: I have just read thevenusface reviews, maybe Dove is a solid choice.

Re: Oily Scalp with Dry split ends

In addition to the great advice from @CynthieLu, try using a little more  shampoo than usual (I know that doesn't help with the cost), and of course rinse really well.  When I grew my hair out, my scalp became oilier and my hairdresser advised that I simply try using more shampoo.  If your hair is long or thick, a little more shampoo is needed to ensure it is not getting "lost" in your hair before it reaches your scalp.

Re: Oily Scalp with Dry split ends

Ooh that's a tough combination of issues.  Dryness, sensitivity,  acne prone and psoriasis. Have you reached out to a dermatologist? Do you know specific skin care ingredients you should be avoiding?


I think a good professional might set you down a path with information to help you. 


But without knowing details, oily roots and dry ends I understand.  I have fine long straight hair and used to struggle. These are things that helped me @Sabellemoon 

Make sure to wash your hair in Luke warm,  not hot water.  Hot water makes oily hair worse. Luke-warm is your friend. 


Fully saturate your hair with water ***before washing*** and when you do wash, gently massage your scalp for a few extra minutes to break up the oils and sebum.  Don't rush it. Massaging is the action that allows the suds to clean your scalp and hair.  Next,

*extra rinsing* a few more minutes than your used to,  lifting you hair so no suds residue is left behind to irritate or build up extra oil on your scalp after. Really extra rinse still with Luke warm water. 

If you use conditioner,  not on hair above your ears, only the ends.  Make sure it's on damp hair,  not dripping wet hair. You can leave it in and massage it gently into the ends of your strands by gently massaging the strands in a downward motion.  Really rinse it out well,  with you guessed it, Luke warm water.

Good luck, I hope this is helpful!


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