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Oily Hair Tips? I'm begging.

I've been looking for answers with my hair and I can't figure anything out. My hair is fine and straight. It's oily, dry, split-ended, and broken. I also have dandruff. I use Ouai detox shampoo (with a scalp massager) and Ouai leave-in conditioner. Don't Despair Repair conditioning hair mask once a week. Rosemary oil on scalp and ends before washing. Kerastase oil on my mids and ends. I do use heat on my hair often (4-5 times a week) but I don't think that's what causes my fast oil production on my scalp? And even if I air-dry it, it looks even drier. I need answers so that I know exactly what products I need to focus on and I can stop wasting money on products that do not help me. I need to know why I produce oil so quickly. I can't go more than two days without washing my hair (I wash 3 times a week minimum) and it's very frustrating. People also ask me if I'm sensitive to any ingredients for hair but I genuinely have no idea. Do I wash it too much? Do I need to stop washing my hair for a week? No more heat? Do I need heat protectant? Anybody please give me tips.


Re: Oily Hair Tips? I'm begging.

@abbybutton I don't know why your scalp is oily, but here are some things you could try:

Consider a lighter post-shampoo oil, such as Kรฉrastase Blond Absolu Strengthening Hair Oil for Very Damaged Blonde Hair 3.4 oz/ 100 mL , Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment Light Hair Oil, or Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil 2 oz/ 60 mL .


Consider alternating Ouai Detox Shampoo with Kerastase Genesis Strenghthening shampoo (the one for oily hair) to help with breakage.


Consider reducing or eliminating use of the pre-shampoo oil, and alternating use of the leave-in conditioner and post-shampoo oil instead of using both.


Oily hair can be frustrating.  Good luck!

Re: Oily Hair Tips? I'm begging.

Try avida

Re: Oily Hair Tips? I'm begging.

@abbybutton @ Hi! I am not sure as to the reason your scalp is producing a lot of oil. However, I can share what works for me. I have an oily scalp. Usually if I blow dry or straighten my hair, it tends to look oily the next day. I try not to wash my hair too much so I will try and wear different hair styles for 3-4 days so I only wash my hair twice per week. Sometimes I use a blow dry brush to freshen up my hair in between washes. I use one by the brand Babybliss. I find it gives volume and sometimes I add a little dry shampoo. I make sure not to get the dry shampoo on my scalp - just on the hair. Finally I would say trying double cleansing with shampoo to see if it would help you last longer between washes. I hope this is helpful!

Re: Oily Hair Tips? I'm begging.

Thank you for the recommendations. I'll look into those products.


I also have noticed something. I pointed it out a year ago to my mom and I'm realizing it this year again. I think there's something wrong with my shower head at home. I also looked it up, it says the same thing. I'm on vacation right now which means I'm obviously not using my shower head at home and my hair instantly felt cleaner as I was washing it. I'm on day 3 hair right now and it's not as oily as it would be on day 3 at home.


I researched hard water from the shower head and it's actually pretty harmful to your hair. The minerals in hard water can leave your hair with a more oily build up and brittleness. Which is exactly what I have. 

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