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Post in Best Hair Ever

OLAPLEX is causing me to LOSE ALL MY HAIR. HELP!!! (Before and after Pictures)

I have lost almost 1/2 my hair ! Last night I took pictures of the back of my hair and was SHOCKED.


My hair health: I have ALWAYS had thick (thin hair strands but a very fully head of hair) and healthy relaxed hair. I get compliments wherever I go and when my hair was longer persons would ask if I has in extensions or a wig. 


I have NEVER had to worry about my hair body.


I wouldn't have started Olaplex because I never needed it but my stylist started using is as treatment and suggested I purchase it. I just followed her lead because I trusted her guidance. I called her recently and told her what was happening she told me another client told her she experienced hairloss after using Olaplex product as well.


Now I have several HUGE  bald spots in the middle of my hair.  I am also losing hair along my hair line. I believe I have lost about 1/3 to 3/5 of my hair. It's simply falling out in my hand, on the bed , in the shower.  My hair pony tail is now perhaps less than half as thick as it usually is I hadn't realized how bad it was until recently. The most recent hair loss happened rather rapidly! I feel gaps and spaces on my scalp where there were none even 2 weeks ago. 


The only thing it could be was Olaplex. This hair loss aligns exactly with first Olaplex usage at salon and this latest significantly worsening hair loss exactly aligns with second Olaplex treatment at salon at the end of December 2022 and my own use for the first time of O and 3, and 8   since.


My hair is a texture I have never seen . It is showing symptoms of protein overload (whether of not Olaplex has protein in it or not is besides the point) my hair is now dry, lifeless, straw like, brittle and breaking. It doesn't fall down like it use to but hangs weirdly. I literally cannot wear my hair out. I had a trim at the end of December and barely three weeks later my hair ends were haggard, scrawny and knotty (this has never happened to me before.) I had to cut  1- 1/12 inches off the ends myself again.


Olaplex maybe great for some people but it definitely has not been for many. If I wasn't too engrossed in not trying to figure out how I fix my hair I'd be taking all my effort to confront the company there is some clear dishonesty going on here.


I'm 23 ! And now I'm having to figure out how to deal with potentially losing all my hair -- this is crazy! I wish my stylist never introduced my hair to this. 


One spot showing hair lossOne spot showing hair loss

Balding spot from OlaplexBalding spot from Olaplex

Hair post olaplex very thin (more hair has fallen out since this picture)Hair post olaplex very thin (more hair has fallen out since this picture)





Pic before Olaplex was first used in my hair to show hair body/thickness then and now

Hair thickness before OlaplexHair thickness before Olaplex


Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 5.24.02 PM.png


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  • One spot showing hair loss
  • Hair post olaplex very thin (more hair has fallen out since this picture)
  • Hair thickness before Olaplex
  • Balding spot from Olaplex
  • Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 5.24.02 PM.png