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Normal hair

I think I have fairly normal hair (long, fairly straight) - never noticed any dryness/breakage problems or issues with oily hair. I suppose I occasionally get a bit of an itchy scalp, but not enough to be a severe issue. I've been looking for a good every day shampoo because I've been using Dove shampoo and conditioner, but was told by my hairdresser that it can cause buildup and essentially not be the best thing for hair. I'll admit, I liked the way my hair looked with Dove, so I ignored her and kept using it. At this point, I can actually feel the buildup and I'm convinced it's the reason my hair may look nice right after styling, but then gets weighed down and limp within a few hours. I've been looking into something like the Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo, even though I'm not sure it made my hair look the best it could because it loses some of the volume without the buildup causing materials seen in many other shampoos. Is there a happy medium? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Normal hair

Rosemary and mint are two common ingredients used in clarifying shampoos, Carol's Daughter has a gentle formula that helps remove build up using it too.


If you're afraid or leery on committing to a clarifying shampoo as you find it removes the build up needed for styling/the look of volume, try using a dry shampoo or a styling powder. Dry shampoos and styling powders add a touch of coarseness to roots to amp up styling and helps take down that "just cleaned/just washed" feeling from hair. It's also great to freshen hair inbetween washes and soak up any excess oil, thus also providing that "healthy" styling build up.



Re: Normal hair

If you like your current shampoo, you can add a scalp exfoliator 2-3 times a week (honestly I just use it once a week, or whenever I can feel the junk on there) to remove build up. Ouidad Bay leaf exfoliator is a favorite of mine, altho I think Aveda also make an exfoliating shampoo you can check out.


There are also clarifying shampoos, altho personally they don't do much for me except drying my hair out. I did really enjoy Whenever daily shampoo from Kiss My Face, it's organic and very gentle. The other gentle shampoo I love is L'occitane's Aromachology repairing shampoo. My hair doesn't need repair but it makes your hair clean, shiny and soft and smells very lovely.

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