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New Haircut Ideas

My hair is shoulder length, well a 6-7cm past my shoulder.  So I guess you could say it is a little long.  I’ve had a bob hair cut before and now it’s this long now.  So, I want to get a haircut, but not sure which style or what type.  I do want something with a bit of layers and side swept bangs.  I was wondering what are some reliable sites to check out the latest and new celebrity hairstyles.  Most of the sites I have seen are old and not up-to-date and the websites are not reliable (meaning they could cause a virus or something). 


I am looking for suggestions on types of haircuts that you girls could possibly recommend.  You can post pictures with your reply so I can have an idea of what your favorite haircut is or direct me to a link or anything you prefer. 


I would love to hear all the suggestions you can possibly give me

Re: New Haircut Ideas

I think the idea of layers with side/mig cheek bangs are a great idea. they are in vogue and would frame your face. 

Re: New Haircut Ideas

Your right websites for hair cuts always seem so dated, and not easy to use. I usually just Google a specific celebrity that I had in mind. Layers with a side swept bang made Kate Moss's layered cut come to mind. kate-moss-hairstyle.jpg

Re: New Haircut Ideas

You don't mention what kind of hair you have but that's a major factor to think about. Some cuts don't work with other types of hair. I always try to pick Asian models with hair that's very thick and straight like mine when I go to my stylist. I also notice that stylists trained here in Canada vs. those who are trained in HK (Hong Kong) and work primarily with HK hair do things differently.

Re: New Haircut Ideas

It must be that time of year. I just cut my hair. I have naturally curly hair which I usually blow dry straight. I am creating an exercise routine right now so I wanted something easy to deal with, so I took about 5 inches off. Lots of layers means lots of volume. It looks so healthy right now. I'm loving it!

Re: New Haircut Ideas

I had long hair and i cut off 11 inches and got a short bob. My bob is shorter in the back, i kind of modeled it after Posh Smiley Happy

I loved the new change...




Re: New Haircut Ideas

Hi Ntailor,

I think that you should try a A-Line bob! I have seen this type of haircut in many magazines and I think it is such a fashion forward and flattering hair cut. I would see if you could book a consultation at your local salon, these are usually free and gives you time to think about the style that you want.

<3 Melissa

Re: New Haircut Ideas

You're silly, cm, jk I know you're from Canada.  I think that a longer bob, shoulder length in front shorter in back.  Blow it strait in day for a sleek put together look and use a texturizing balm to twist pieces at night.

Re: New Haircut Ideas

Ask the stylist.  Browse hair products sites instead of hairstyle sites.  If you find something to your liking, print it out and give it to your stylist for inspiration. 


And always make sure to tell them what you do not want in a haircut.  


Best of luck.  I know I never can figure out what I want until something jumps out at me. 

Re: New Haircut Ideas

right now my hair id a shoulder length, and it has choppy layers, but it still looks polished. i love having shroter hair - it adds so much volume!

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