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Never used a flat iron, but...

Once upon a time, I had curly hair.  I now have wavy hair - thanks to age and years and years of blow-dry straightening.  We're talking a great big 3" brush and drying...and drying...and drying (very thick hair), then using a curling iron.  Now, what I'd like to do is a straight style (truly straight) except for a little flip under at the ends.  Right now, what happens is that I end up with what I would call a pre-curl dip, then a curl under so I get more of an S shape than a C shape.  So...


1) Is that a job for flat iron?

2) What size iron?

3) What heat setting?  I like to use as little heat as possible.

4) How exactly do I get it to do that?  Straight to the end then flip under?

5) What's your favorite iron? 


Price is always a consideration, but I'm passionate about my hair.  I don't want something that's going to fry me and leave me needing to cut half of it off.  I have thick, coarse hair with no chemical treatments whatsoever and all one length (no layers).


Thanks, y'all! 

Re: Never used a flat iron, but...

1. Flat irons can do countless jobs, and with the development and launch of variations, new models include slightly curved plates to help give a bit more curl to hair.


2. Generally speaking a 1 inch iron works across the board. The larger the iron like a 1 1/2 inch or even 2 inch, the more "bump" you might get at the root if you're straightening or using it when it's closer to the scalp because of the sizing giving extra space between grasping hair and being close to your head. Smaller irons are good for shorter hair (like pixie cuts). Larger irons are also beneficial to creating softer waves/curls from the get go, but work best with hair that is much longer as with a standard 1 inch, you can get looser or tighter curls/waves depending on how tight you wrap and curl hair around the plates and iron.


3. Heat settings depend on hair type. Generally speaking flat irons with adjustable controls offer temp ranges from the high 200s (like 280) to the low 400s (420-440). For fine hair or hair that is chemically treated (permed, colored, etc.), opt for a lower setting like the 280 or even up to 320, for normal hair, 340 to 380 works, for coarse or super curly/kinky hair, you can go upwards to the 400s. The key is also to use a good thermal protectant. Sprays work well for fine and normal hair as it won't weigh strands down, while thicker hair works well with serums, oils, or creams.


4. Yes, to get hair that is straight with a slight curl under, take your iron and run it down a length of hair and as you reach the end, slightly curl it inward/toward you.


5. I've worked with a bunch of irons and I must say some of my favorites are Croc, T3, Babyliss, and Sedu. Folica is a great site to look up more reviews on flat irons (it's like a Sephora in the sense of countless reviews and dozens of products/brands but just for hair stuff). The Croc is my favorite, it uses infrared technology to ensure smooth and even heating of the plates (sometimes brands that state they have ceramic plates only offer a ceramic coating that can wear off). Look also for "floating plates" which mean the actual plate itself is exposed on the sides, this will allow for a smoother transition to curl/wave hair so there's not a hard or sharp angle from where you change direction pattern or put a bend.



Here's what I mean by "floating plates" you can see how it's curved on the sides. Croc and T3 has a few options for $99 flat irons. Not sure if you have a Sam's Club near you or know someone with a membership, but I snagged mine for about $80 and it was their 1 inch and came with travel case, straightening comb, and two clips.

Re: Never used a flat iron, but...

I think is a job for a flat iron, try the flat iron is really nice for having great straight hair. I recommend you the karmin g3 , it's very nice and keeps the hair frizz less and very straight. I bought mine at safrons. com Smiley Happy Good luck ! Smiley Wink

Re: Never used a flat iron, but...

I just bought a hot air brush (it is like a round brush that you plug in and hot air comes out of it) And I LOVE it!  You are probably much more proficient at getting your hair to do the things you want it to do, but if I want any type of straight hair I have to fully blow dry my hair, then use a flat iron.  Double hot products = bad for hair.  


What the hot air brush does is cut my time and make my hair look like it was created with a blow dryer and a round brush (another process I cannot do).  I got the John Frieda one, which I recommend. I have done exactly what you are looking for:  straight hair with flipped ends.


I looked at some you tube reviews before I bought it and looked at written reviews and they were all positive.

Re: Never used a flat iron, but...

1) sounds like a job for a flat iron to me

2) a wider plate makes the job faster

3) I try to keep it around 375 degrees. Start around there and increase the temperature only if needed. Make sure you buy an iron that allows you to control the temperature. Irons that do not offer that option often run way too hot.

4) you do one strand at a time, start near the scalp, move very slowly down the shaft, and then use a bending motion near the end

5) I like CHI irons, the real ones not the knock offs sold by Target and such

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