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Need to repair my hair!

Okay, technically, I know it's nearly impossible to repair hair.  I can't go back and unbreak it.  I'll try to nutshell this:  in the last few weeks, my hair has started breaking uncontrollably.  I don't color.  I don't perm.  I don't flat-iron.  I do blow dry, but I use Macadamia Natural Oil (daily unless I use the Hair Repair Masque - twice per week).  I've had great success with it, but now???


I tried Living Proof and I have to say I'm not that impressed.  If anything, my ends are knotting worse now - they almost never did before.  And all I have to do is run my hands through my hair and some will break off.  Luckily, I have very thick hair so it's not like I'm going bald, but that's not the point.


I donate my hair.  I am VERY passionate about this.  I watched my grandmother die of cancer and I promised myself that if any woman can fight like that, she will not have to worry about her hair as long as I can do something about it.  So far, I've been very blessed that the gray is at a minimum.  I do not chemically treat my hair in any way (and haven't for years).  I've donated 4 times so far, but I still feel like I've got a lot left in me - but it won't stop breaking!  I need strong, healthy hair.  I'd love to have shine, but I'll deal with not having it.  Strength is the most important thing.



Re: Need to repair my hair!

I'm sorry this is happening to you.


I had the same thing happen to me - just throwing this out there; you may, since it seems to be coming on so suddenly, you have a gentle and healthy hair routine in place and don't colour (and you also have the peeling nails), want might to get a quick bloodwork done to see if you have thyroid issues. Turns out it was the culprit for me.  Once i got on my medication my hair/nails got stronger and grew back pretty quickly. It may not be that at ALL, but since you have no real reason you can see for this happening it can't hurt, certainly.  Sudden hair loss/breakage along with nail-peeling is usually a sign of something off kilter.  Stress, diet, or an underlying medical condition could be the reason.


I agree that too much protein can make your hair break  - it happens a lot, actually, to people who use too much in their routine.  But if you aren't already using them, it can help to add protein products. I believe many of the Redken Extreme products have protein in them (the ones i have do at any rate). 

Pureology Nano shampoo line, or the Precious Oils as well as the Platinum hair shampoo are all very gentle and good.  Try not to shampoo every day - that can and will weaken already weakened hair.  


I do hope this helps, and good luck!



Re: Need to repair my hair!

I think it's really great your trying to get your hair healthy so you can donate it! 

I also use the Macadamia Natural Oil line and LOVE it. I would suggest cutting out the shampoo and using their new Flawless Cleansing Conditioner. It's nothing like Wen (which dried my hair out to no end, but made the roots greasy) and will leave your hair super soft and a lot more moisturized. I also would suggest you cut down on using the mask to once a week or once every 2 weeks. I love their mask, but it's very protein rich so when I use it more than this my hair becomes dry, brittle, and breaks easily. If your not doing anything to damage your hair like heat styling or coloring then you most likely don't need 2x per week worth of protein.

Are you taking vitamins? These are SO important especially since if your nails are also suffering you're hair problems could very well be internal. Try taking a multi vitamin and a fish oil supplement. Also, drink water!! You will notice such a difference  if you simply start drinking the correct amount of water everyday.

I hope this helpsSmiley Happy

Re: Need to repair my hair!

I didn't put it together, but yes, a couple of my nails "peeled".  It was like at the tips, I had two nails.  The top layer came off (maybe for about 1/8") and left the "under nail".  It was white and strong and I thought everything was fine.  I cut them simply because they were getting too long and I haven't had the problem since.  Connected?

Re: Need to repair my hair!

Did your nails start having issues at about the same time? Breaking, peeling, getting bumps?

Re: Need to repair my hair!

Go to an Aveda salon and let them do a deep treatment on you.  They'll steam it with a hot towel, and it'll feel stronger instantly.

Re: Need to repair my hair!

No other products, just the Macadamia Oil Naturals.  I use the shampoo, the repair masque (2x per week) and the healing oil daily (that I don't deep repair). 

Re: Need to repair my hair!

Hi HMNewbie............ other than the Macadamia Oil, exactly what hair products are you using? Many products, even conditioners can build up on your strands and cause brittleness and breakage. Anything containing protein can really be damaging if overused. You might just need to clarify your hair twice a week to remove build up. Of course you should also rule out any change in health or diet.


I like the Caviar Clinical Detox Shampoo from Alterna or Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser from Aveda. Both remove product build up and energize the scalp.

Re: Need to repair my hair!

I find it odd that it's breaking. If you are taking such good care of it i don't know why it would be breaking if you are just blowdrying it. I love the Macadamia Natural Oil line and it does wonders, so its weird yours is breaking. Maybe trying something else would help. You could add a leave in cream and alternate with a different mask. 


I love Redken Anti-Snap leave in cream!! When i got highlights i started using it and it helped me along with the Redken Extreme Mask! Here are what they look like. 





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