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Need to keep curls in high-humidity climate

I've recently moved overseas with a hot and high-humidity (70-95%) climate. I've been using Living Proof straightening cream and FlexibleHairspray. While the products keep my hair frizz-free and straight, I need products that help keep my curls. A Sephora rep advised me to use the LP Style Extender with only the Flexible Hairspray, it helped. However, since Summer is approaching and humidity is getting worse, the curls fall flat in a few hours.

Can someone advise a great hair product to keep my thick and coarse hair its curls?

Re: Need to keep curls in high-humidity climate

I don't think hairspray is your solution in humid weather.

Basically, your hair is porous because it's naturally curly, and it's readily absorbing all of the extra moisture in the air, because it's thirsty. Quench it after you shower with a light, milky cream. Carol's Daughter has some good stuff. So does Aveda (very very light texture), and so does Miss Jessie's. The hairspray really won't do anything for you, and if it does, only for a short while.

You should use a gel. I like Aveda's retexturizing gel. That'll help lock in the moisture you've put in your hair and protect against the elements.

John Frieda also has good shampoo and conditioner for humidity protection that my little sister swears by.

Besta luck!

Re: Need to keep curls in high-humidity climate

Thanks for suggestions and sorry for the late reply.


lylysa, my sister has had good results with BH, i'll check out and i'll also see the L'Oreal hairspray, since i need an alternative as  living proof is a bit expensive.


dianabt, i've never tried the ouidad line, but i've read the reviews and it seems like it's a good product to try. i thought it's for people who have naturally curly hair, but it seems it'll help with when curling your air with an iron.


again, thanks for the suggestions and i'll give both advice a try. i desperately need to  as the weather just keeps straigthening my curls down.


Re: Need to keep curls in high-humidity climate

Redken's new curl line (Curvaceous) has a couple of styling products out that are super light weight and can be used with your LP products! I like in a humid place too and I like that the line doesn't weigh my waves down. The conditioner can even be applied on dry/wet hair and left in!

Re: Need to keep curls in high-humidity climate

Hi Suxx2bu, 


Have you ever tried the Ouidad line? It's a line specially formulate for curly hair types and it's great for keeping shape and frizziness away! I have very wavy-curly hair that gets super frizzy and have used a number of their products with succes..


The Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel is one of my favorites to reduce flyaways and keep the hair in place without being too heavy or sticky:




They also make the same formulation in shampoos as well as a stying pomade:


swfupload_5012006553570263005.jpg swfupload_5245262482574316880.jpg

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Need to keep curls in high-humidity climate

I've had a lot of luck with Bed Head's Hard Head hairspray and I live in a high humidity area. The LP Primer/Style Extender is a good way to start, so I suggest sticking with that.


The BH hair spray does give a very firm hold, if you want something that is brushable and more workable, try Loreal's Elnett hairspray (comes in a few varieties) or some of the Sebastian Shaper/Shaper Plus formulas.

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