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Need suggestions for hair care during the winter

I suffer from dry scalp, and the colder weather always aggravates it.  I have to use a hot oil treatment from VO5 every week/2 weeks.  Does anybody have any products that they recommend for keeping hair and scalp healthy and nourished during the winter? I'm also looking for a good hair mask. Heard Phyto makes a good one. Thanks!



Re: Need suggestions for hair care during the winter

What is the texture of your hair?  I have curly hair that LOVES coconut oil.  Simply brush in an hour or so before shampooing.  Another thought, you may be sensitive to Sodium Laureth Sulfate, so maybe try a few months with a sulfate free shampoo.  I use a vinegar rinse when my head gets itchy and it seems to help.  1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water.  The vinegar is really good for your hair as well.

Re: Need suggestions for hair care during the winter

I have normal, straight Asian hair that has been color treated. 

Re: Need suggestions for hair care during the winter

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Active Soothing shampoo is amazing, and safe for color treated hair. It's available at CVS and comes in a tube. I used to use it when I use it back when I bleached my roots. My scalp would get dry and itchy and this shampoo was gentle enough and got it to stop itching!


For a deep conditioner, I normally use Dove Nourishing Oil Care, also in the tube. I put it in my hair, wait a few hours, then rinse it out. My hair also suffers from dryness in the winter, which causes a sore, itchy, dry scalp. 


If you want one on the more higher end, Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie is magic and smells great too! Joico has one from K Pak that is amazing too.

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