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Need hair product recommendations!

Over the last few years, my hair has started looking and feeling very unhealthy.  I used to have very long, thick black hair.  At this point my hair is fragile, thinning, turning grey, and doesn't grow very long before I have to cut several inches off to make it feel healthier.  I also color my hair a few times/year to cover up the greys.  


I am currently seeing a dermatologist to work on the thinning hair problem- she recommended Biotin, a multivitamin, and a scalp treatment, all of which I've been using regularly.


I also try to only wash my hair around 3 times/week and I use a wide tooth comb.


What I need from you lovely ladies is help figuring out what types of hair treatments will help my hair look and feel healthier. I don't use many products in my hair, it tends to get weighed down very easily, so I am starting from scratch. 


I use head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner because I have dandruff- are there better dandruff shampoos out there? 


I would like recommendations for the following types of products, preferably ones that work well together:  Deep conditioning/ wash out treatment, overnight treatments (like hair oils, etc), leave in treatments that protect against heat damage and don't weigh hair down.


Is there anything that I'm not doing for my hair, that I really should?







Re: Need hair product recommendations!

Yeah I agree with the other commenters, you need a salt free shampoo, preferably without alcohol or parabens. The brand I'm using is called pro naturals because they have argan oil stuff. They have this heat protectant that you can use after a shower to make your hair soft and healthier.

Re: Need hair product recommendations!

I'd try a different shampoo, H&S is full of salt which does no ones hair or scalp any good and is definitely contributing to your hair loss.  I got told my a hair dresser years ago that it was the worst think you could use on your scalp! I know people swear buy it but there's some pretty nasty things in the ingredient list (as well as the salt). Try using tea tree oil mixed with a little almond oil on your scalp an hour before washing it (or overnight if you able).  Not only will it help with the dandruff it will help strengthen the hair, make it thicker and help it grow.  I've been using it for years and my naturally thin hair has to be thinned down when I get my hair cut there's so much of it.  

Re: Need hair product recommendations!

I went through some stages of hair loss and major thinning...what helped me was the Shampoo and Conditioner called is pricey but it works...My hair has never been better...You should look into it....they have some for many different hair types and textures...

As for keeping my hair healthy I use a deep conditioning mask at least once a week, Macadamia Oil brand conditioning mask (comes in a small jar) also Coconut Oil, I alternate the two...It seems that the coconut oil will weigh your hair down but believe me it doesn't...I am anti hair build up after I've just washed

I would research these if your interested...I know Ulta carries them and you can get coconut oil at your local grocery store I'm sure...hope this helped Smiley Happy

Re: Need hair product recommendations!

Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is fantastic for alleviating dry or flaky scalps. It also helps to stimulate growth of your hair.


Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo, or T/Sal shampoo and T/Sal conditioner will also help scaliness and drandruff.  These products  are what my dermatologist recommended when I my scalp went haywire. It worked for me!


Another superior brand that helps put your hair more in balance is  called Abba. You can purchase this brand in salons.


You may also want to ask your Physician about a using a

B-Complex supplement other than the Biotin.

Re: Need hair product recommendations!

I have a cranky scalp.  If I use the wrong shampoo, I'll feel my scalp start itching, and get that tight, dry feeling while I'm drying my body (and my hair is still wet).  Then I'll get lots of really big flakes (and I have brown/black hair!).  The dermatologist diagnosed it and prescribed a shampoo, but it was really expensive for a small bottle (plus I hate visiting the doctor!).  When my prescription ran out, I started looking for an OTC shampoo.  I've settled on Mill Creek Botanicals Dandruff Control Shampoo (I order mine from Vitacost).  After using it just a couple times, my scalp felt much calmer. 


Jojoba oil is nice -- very similar to our own sebum.  Do a search on it, and maybe you'll decide it's right for you to try.  A small bottle should last a long time. 


Best of luck -- I hope you find something that helps with your hair! 


Re: Need hair product recommendations!

maybe one of these products will help....


Ojon damage reverse resoritive hair treatment & Caviar anti aging hair treatment


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