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Need a new dry shampoo

Looking for a new dry shampoo and getting soooo overwhelmed with all the different products available. I want something that obviously gets rid of the oil but gives volume as well AND doesn’t smell super strong. Any suggestions? 

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

Hi @MirandaDuim! I’ve tried more dry shampoos than I can count, as I have fine hair that trends oily if I go too long without washing. I can’t seem to get away with not shampooing everyday—at least until I tried Batiste dry shampoo. Ironically, it’s a drugstore brand, and all the higher-end dry shampoos I tried never came close in effectively distributing in my hair to dissipate oil, add volume and an overall cleaner appearance. However, Batiste is scented. It comes in many scents; my favorite is Tropical, as it’s the least offensive to me. Maybe you’d be able to find one that isn’t too off putting for you. 

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

@MirandaDuim My absolute fave is Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - Loose Powder Formula .  It is very low odor, which is one of the things I love about it.  It goes on so easily and really work.  I wouldn't say it give a lot of volume, though - but I personally don't want it to!  🙂

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

@greeneyedgirl107  I'll have to keep that on my radar, thanks!  I've never tried a dry shampoo, but a lot of hair products just have such strong smells, that I don't really wanna spray them by my

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

@treestar86 To me, it smells faintly of clay, and then dissipates quickly.  I had to stop using Oscar Blandi after years and years b/c of the Lemon Pledge smell.  Then, I switched to Alterna.  It was better, but I grew a little tired of it.  Once they changed the formula/bottle, I was so lucky to find Klorane.  I will highlight that I use the loose powder formula - IDK if that factors in, though.  (Quick tip - I apply it with a nozzle bottle from an old Alterna bottle.  For years I also applied with a blush brush.)


The worst smelling has got to be Captain Blankenship, though!

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

@greeneyedgirl107  that sounds nice, I like earthy smells.  yeah, I'm sure all those strong smells aren't great for you, especially to be putting so close to your face, lol.

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

@treestar86 That's for sure!  Fragrance just isn't something I even want in a beauty product unless it's a cologne/perfume.  Sure, I've found fragrance-free products to not smell "beautiful" but I've found that I grow accustomed to the scent quickly, and then don't eve notice it a more "medicinal" smell.

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

@greeneyedgirl107  right!! I guess growing up hippie-ish has made me used to little to none, or earthy smells, haha.

Re: Need a new dry shampoo

Amika is my favorite dry shampoo.  I've tried so many different ones, and always go back to Amika.  I'm not sure what would qualify as too strong for you, but I love the smell of this one.

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