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Need Suggestions

I have naturally wavy hair (straight at first then transitions to slightly wavy). When I brush it, my hair is really nice and soft, bouncy, wavy, voluminous, etc. After a while, it starts to get almost frizzy until I brush it, then it turns smooth, silky, soft, etc.


Does anyone have any suggestions how I can keep it smooth all day? I have tried a few different products but nothing has worked.

Re: Need Suggestions

Try using a few drops of pro naturals argan oil or a keratin product to help keep your hair silky, that works for me.

Re: Need Suggestions

What type of brush are you using?



Re: Need Suggestions

I use a wide toothed comb when my hair is wet or a wooden paddle brush when it's dry.

Re: Need Suggestions

Is the paddle brush just natural bristles or a mix of plastic and natural?

Re: Need Suggestions

It's the Wigo Ball Tip Wooden Cushion Brush so the brush itself is wooden but the tips are plastic I believe.

Re: Need Suggestions

0002279691008_500X500.jpg13976179.jpgBoth products are currently in my regular hair routine, I switch off because the Yes to Carrots! is something you should only use once every 3-4 days.


I had very frizzy hair, but regular use of these products has decreased my frizziness by over 70%!


I apply them after I get out of the shower and lightly towel dry my hair. They are both very affordable too Smiley Happy


Sold at Target, Ulta, and many drugstores.

Re: Need Suggestions

What have you tried already?

Re: Need Suggestions

The main one is Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream, as well as the Satin Hair Serum. I have also tried Macadamia Healing Oil (for the ends of my hair which can sometimes be on the dry side). There have been a few drugstore products as well.

Re: Need Suggestions

I really like the styling cream paired with Agave oil. I haven't tried the macadamia one (is that the little teeny vial of pure oil they sell? Well not even sure if its pure)... I like the agave oil better than Moroccan oil (so its one of those silicone and oil based styling oils) for ex. When I use it with the nourishing styling cream my hair feels as soft as a child's hair haha. I also have wavy hair but it starts out curly instead of straight. I alsusing a smoothing shampoo aka something more creamy in texture versus a gel formula.

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