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Need A Curl Solution

My hair is curly---but mostly wavey


I have tried "John Frieda" is leaves my hair frizzy...I tried "Ouidad" its so sticky and unless I use the whole bottle it doesn't work. (Thick hair)


Any suggestions?

Re: Need A Curl Solution

I agree the DevaCurl products are great. I also LOVE the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser Oil. I like the Mist-er Right from DevaCurl but even better than that is PureShine Spray It Curly which I get at CVS for like $6. It's ah-mazing! I use it as a final spray on my curls and use it to refresh throughout the day as needed. I also really like Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray. It smells just wonderful!

Re: Need A Curl Solution

Thanks for all the quick responses....going into Sephora today and going to try the Deva curl!

Re: Need A Curl Solution

I have thick curly hair and just discovered the Devacurl line and I really like it!  I am only using 2 products right now, the curl cream and the strong hold gel.  I like them both.  The curl cream gives defines curls and gets rid of the frizz.  I apply a little bit of that on my hair after I get out of the shower.  Then, I apply a small amount of the gel and style my hair as usual.


My hair is dyed, so I use a shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair.  I use a deep conditioner once or twice a week.


Before discovering Devacurl, I used the Keune Curl Enhancer, and I really like that product as well.  


I also use a light spray in conditioner or oil mist between shampoos to revive the curl.  Right now, I like the Kendi bamboo dry oil mist and the Phyto conditioner (although this is for dyed hair, it really brings out the curl!).  Just a few more ideas for you!

Re: Need A Curl Solution

I'd also recommend Devacurl! I've only been using the ultra defining gel so far which is enough to define my curl and not leave any crunchiness. I have the cream as we'll but haven't tried it yet. Both are samples (generous amounts) and I'm still on the defining gel sample which is why I haven't opened the cream yet.


i also got the no poo cleanser and conditioner but also still using just my color sage shampoo conditioner and it seems to be working fine. 

I have thick curly hair a little past my shoulder And have battled frizzy ness and dullness with virtually every curl product I've used before this (except when I used mousse but it was crunchy and since always seemed drying to my hair). I'd ask for a sample of Devacurl or get a trial size to see if it's for you. I absolutely love it!

Re: Need A Curl Solution

When washing the hair, try not to disrupt the natural curl pattern. Also use a microfiber towel to blot, besides speeding up dry time, the towel lessens frizz, cotton causes the hair cuticle to rough up causing frizz.Also put in a leave in conditioner and/or detangler after a shower, this will give the hair moisture - I also keep a waterbottle with a mixture of water and leave in conditioner, to spray on when I'm not washing, this will hydrate the hair and give life back to curls.


I have thick, natural curls and Ouidad climite control works, and I don't need to use the whole bottle or is sticky. Try her shake and rake technique, can be found on her website.


For shampoo/conditioner I'm using Paul Mitchell's curl which is sulfate free.



Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's invisible oil - this is very lightweight, absorbs quickly, provides UV protection, can be used on wet or dry hair to tame frizz

There's now a shampoo and conditioner too


Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme - no crunchiness, I use the shake/rake here too

Re: Need A Curl Solution

Thanks for the info on the Redken Curvaceous line, @sammiebaby!  I haven't used Redken in years.  This time of year, my curls either frizz or droop.  This sounds like a good line to look into.  Smiley Happy 

Re: Need A Curl Solution



I have curly hair and I love to use the Redken Curvaceous line.  I really love the new line since they expanded it and it works so well!  The Curvaceous Cream Shampoo is low lather and helps keep moisture in the hair and helps replace a lost moisture that curly hair really needs so it stays soft.  The Curvaceous Conditioner is a 2-in1 leave in and rinse out formula.  It's really great, if your hair is on the drier side and you like to leave it curly you can put a quarter size (since your hair is thick) and work it thru then comb thru for even distribution and leave it in for extra curl definition and hydration.  If your hair is pretty soft and hydrated then use the same amount just rinse it out.  Curvaceous Full Swirl and Curvaceous Ringlet are both awesome.  They fight frizz, seal in moisture, create some shine, and really define curls and waves.  The great thing is that it doesn't make curls crunchy or sticky feeling, just touchable soft hair.  There's a couple more products in Redken's curl line that can care for any type of curl.  Hope this is helpful!

Re: Need A Curl Solution

I received a sample set of the Redken Curvaceous line and it did amazing things to my waves. If you have a Regis salon in your area I believe they are doing a buy one get one 50% off sale right now too. 

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