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Naturally wavy hair, help manage it!

I have naturally wavy hair that is very hard to maintain. It can get very frizzy and dry and sometimes oily at the top. My hair also has bad breakage/split ends. What shampoo, conditioner and hair products would you suggest to help fix my problem? I love my beachy waves but they are too hard to manage. Please help! Xoxo, Nikki

Hi nikkirex!   Your hair sounds like mine! I have natural...

Hi nikkirex!


Your hair sounds like mine! I have naturally wavy hair that lately has been oily at the scalp (maybe from dry weather and my skins attempt to replenish itself) and dry, breaking ends. Heat styling products (blow dryers and irons) really did more damage on my hair than I would have liked,  but I've slowly gotten my hair back to a healthy state.


Try taking a supplement for hair and nails that will help your hair to stay strong, shiney and can help it grow.


Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement


Use a heat protecting spray for any heat styling you do


Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protectant Spray


Try using a weekly clarifying shampoo that will remove buildup in your scalp from product,and will restore the ph balance to keep your scalp balanced and comfortable


Ojon Full Detox Detoxifying Shampoo


Bumble& bumble Sunday Shampoo


Bumble & bumble Seaweed Shampoo


Also, use a weekly mask that will repair the ends of your hair but also nourish and treat the rest of your hair from being frizzy and out of control:


Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment


ALTERNA Bamboo UV + Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Mask



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I know your pain.  I have naturally curly hair and strugg...

I know your pain.  I have naturally curly hair and struggled to find a treatment until last year, while browsing the internet.


Dry on the bottom, oily on top.  It sounds like you might be overwashing your hair.  One thing I recomment is to try to find products that are both silicone and sulfate free.  Reason being this: sulfates tend to try out naturally wavey/curly hair (which is already dry to begin with) and silicones only add to the dryness by laying onto the hair (you need a harsh chemical in order to remove these, unless they are water soluable).


There are some products on Sephora that are sulfate and silicone free but not many.  Carol's Daughter is one of them.  One thing you could do is to browse for sulfate/silicone hair products that are for curly hair.  These include brands such as Carol's Daughter, JessiCurl, DevaCurl, Curls, Kinky-Curly, CurlJunkie, etc.  There is actually a website designated to wavey/curly hair and to help with the Curly Girl Method, also known as the No-Poo Method.


A little hint: When trying to find silicones in a product, anything that ends in -icone, it is considered as a silicone.  One thing you might want to do is to research a bit on the Curly Girl Method.  It could help you get some helpful ideas and tips on managing your hair.

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