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Natural hairmergency!

So I have decided to got natural and I am TERRIFIED of the big cut because I have a huge head that looks odd with a short cut. Any advice to keep my relaxed hair from breaking off of my new natural roots while I wait for the grow out?


Thanks so much for the feed back! I appreciate it. I'm looking into protective styles and hair products that will keep my hair in great condition.

Re: Natural hairmergency!

I had the same issue when I decided to go natural over a year ago. I have a very round face and thought transitioning was best until I had to add a lot of moisture to keep the roots manageable but it made my relaxed hair limp like overcooked noodles. Eventually I shaved it all off. Big mistake, but surprisingly it all grew back. You really have to focus on products that add a nice balance for both textures. I really like creme of nature products, it gives you moisture without making your relaxed hair feel limp if you like to rinse your hair everyday like with herbal essence hello hydration.

Re: Natural hairmergency!

I am all about heat styling my hair, which I assume you'll be doing in the transition time, and I swear by heat-protecting products.  I used to be a hairstylist and I have found them to make such a difference in preventing long-term damage for many clients with different hair textures.  

My 1st rule is to avoid oil when you're heat styling.  It's great for conditioning, but it makes your hair burn at a lower temperature.  Silicones, OTOH are great for adding moisture, flexibility, and shine while preventing damage.  Some of my faves that I think you should try are Biosilk (serum), Redken Satinwear (lightweight but very effective styling cream) Redken Align (stronger hold but still flexible styling cream), It's a 10 (leave-in conditioner/ primer)


I also want to recommend an article I read on one of my favorite beauty blogs called "The Science of Hairstyling Heat Protection Products"  it lays out other specific ingredients that have been shown to work and explains why.  



Re: Natural hairmergency!

Go you! Anyone can have long, straight hair. I wish i had curly hair, i love it! I have short hair, and it is fun! Its fun to be different and do your own thing. Plus, having healthy, nice looking hair is a plus. I would rather see short healthy hair tgan ling, stringy, frazzled hair any day! Have fun with it! 

Re: Natural hairmergency!

Yay! Congratulations! I have been natural for 15 years, and I have ever looked back. Don't be afraid of the big cut. Your hair will grow, and it will grow and be healthy! For styles, you can also check out YouTube. There are a ton of people who are doing videos on natural hairstyles. And you can find a protective style that you'll love for your new natural hairstyle. I am so excited for you!

Re: Natural hairmergency!

Protective styling! If you have the money for it, get braids or a sew in, there are plenty of styles for both. If not rollers may need to become your best friend. I made the decision to go natural last December, kept using flat irons on low heat, kinky twists in February, took them out and couldn't work with the two textures and then cut my own hair the next day. As it currently stands I just got havanna twists put in my hair to do the one year protective styling challenge. That and I had a TON of split ends because I didn't trim my ends for like....6 months, on top of some other things I shouldn't have been doing (like sleeping multiple nights on a cotton pillow case with no bonnet), so when my hair was cut it was shorter then I would have liked and I wasn't to happy. But I got braids the same day so I didn't mourn for to long. 


I also suggest checking out the curly nikki forum as it is a natural hair forum entirely.  



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