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ok long story short im going to my first sweetheart's dance...yes i know the school is late on it... but besides that, this is my first dance and i wana look my best for my bf. i have everything layed out in front of me but, MY HAIR *groan* i cant seem to get my hair right! ive been obsessing about this one hairstyle i saw candice from victoria secret wear on a youtube vid. It was side swept curls with a little S wave that made it look oh so glamorous. i tried recreating the look or looking up tutorials that had the same hairstyle but no luck Smiley Sad it was either that it was the right hair but i didnt have the right tools or it wasnt the "AHA" hair i was searching for. And sadly i only have a straightener and a 1in curling iron nothing like the "instyle heat clamps" or the "no clap 1in curling iron from a great hair company" *sigh*. So please please please somebody be my magical hair guru and turn this geek into someone chic!

p.s the link for both the vid. and a pic is....


again please and thank you!!!<3


The only difference to the clipless and a normal curling iron is a clip. Instead just wrap your hair around the barrel. I would say her hair looks my 50's and not side swept at all. Other than the front s wave piece, everything else is curled inward. I would go to your drugstore and go get some large velcro rollers (they are $4/5 for a huge pack tops) curl your hair inward and put the rollers in the size and direction that you want to curl to be and let them cool. For the S curl, I'd just youtube S curl. If you need any more questions or help, feel free to ask, hope that this helped!

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