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Post in Best Hair Ever

My head is uneven.

Hence my ponytail and buns never look right.. What do I do?


Smiley Sad

Re: My head is uneven.

I have the same issue. I have never had a real defined hair line.I have permanent bedhead styling so I just go with whatever works for the day because I have a lot of hair!

Re: My head is uneven.

First of all, embrace your differences, it makes you unique!


One way to avoid making your unique feature so prominent, is to not split your hair down the middle. Maybe braid or tie it off to one side, adorn the sides of your hair with braids or fun hair accessories. Work around the feature you want to change and don't feel self-conscious, I don't think people are looking for it, so they probably won't even notice.


Re: My head is uneven.

They are all so pretty! My line actually varies down my head. There is no set line, which I find weird. My hair is just a mess sometimes.. I only wish I can pull something like those off  Smiley Sad

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