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My hair doesn't grow!


Please please please help!!!!

I am 24 years old with fine, straight, blonde hair. I am a natural blonde, but I started highlighting my hair only 3 years ago, and my hairdresser is very conscious of my problem and concerns with hair growth so she isn't bleaching my hair off. I only get my hair done maybe every 2 months, and its mild highlighting. I only style my hair maybe once to twice a week, and I only wash it about the same, once to twice a week. 
When I was 22 I was hired to be a model in a hair show and the artist colored my hair to be platinum blonde and cut it into a blunt bob by my shoulders. Since that time my hair HAS NOT GROWN AT ALL! it dry and breaks off at the end. It feels full and looks healthy on the top but is stringy and spare towards the bottom. The pieces around my face are about 2 inches shorter than the pieces around the neck/shoulders. Ive tried letting it breathe and grow but nothing worked so for the past year I've been wearing tape-in extensions to hide what I am so frustrated and embarrassed about. Ive asked a lot of hair stylist as to what I should do and 98% the response I get is "oh wow thats weird, just use heat protectant." That isn't going to solve my problem, I need a regiment or something to stick to and be consistent with that WILL work!

Ive tried, (for a short while because I just grew frustrated, for about a month):

Ovation Cell hair therapy
Natural exotic Oils as hair masks


and just not doing anything with it at all..


please help me! i am sooooo clueless when it comes to hair!

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

I’m confused, you let someone double process your hair so it would be platinum for a hair show with a blunt shoulder length bob (lob) 2 years ago and started highlighting a year before that which is what you’ve continued in the 2 years up to now? Is the stylist you regularly see putting highlights on the part that should still be really light??? She should know that overlapping when using bleach is BAD. Maybe what you need is a new stylist, and a cut that removes where it’s now stringy looking, no layers, and a blonde that is less maintenance. A stylist who is at a salon that does Olaplex steps 1 & 2 preferably but a salon that offers smart bond is fine if you don’t have any Olaplex salons where you live. 


And for for goodness sakes, quit the extensions - all types - or you’re going to wind up also dealing with what will look like balding and only a buzz cut or ‘dealing with how it looks as is’ until it grows back. Fine hair is very fragile in its virgin state (uncolored, no flat iron or curling iron ever) and tangles around everything from brushes to hair ties to hair extensions which leads to breaking off. You have to be very careful and baby it or it will never not be damaged. Every individual has what’s called a ‘terminal length’ - the longest their hair will ever grow because of various genetic factors that determine the length of time hair is in its active growing phase. Some people have a longer growth phase, some have a shorter one, and as we age the active growth phase time length gets shorter. If your hair never grew past the middle of your back when you were a kid, it’s never going to - unfortunate as that might be, and I sympathize because it’s not much shorter than where my hair grows to now and in the next few years my hair will probably only get to that mid back point and stop adding the extra 2 inches I get now. And I had to do a major chop a couple times in the past 3 years, to get the last of the terribly damaged part that was left from the process of going from dark dark brown dyed to my natural blonde. 

My hair doesn't grow!

Alot of times we think its not growing, but it's the breakage on the bottom, that keeps the length from getting longer. I would use a good clairifying shampoo, followed by Olaplex #3 weekly, then apply Joico revitalux. Those are my go to products❤

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

i agree with all the post. i had a problem i though my hair wasn't growing but it is because my ends were so bad it kept breaking making it looked like it never grew. but i cut all my split ends off, eat healthy and i did coconut oil mask on and i started noticing my hair growing 

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

@LexyRaye If your hair is legitimately not growing from the roots, then I agree with all the advice suggesting you look into medical reasons for this.


However, if you mean that your hair isn't getting longer, it is likely due to breakage on the ends. Bleaching your hair repeatedly will cause extreme damage over time (especially if your natural hair colour is dark).


There are a few things you can do:

1) Stop bleaching and let your natural hair grow.

2) Stop using heat on your hair (blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, etc.) 

3) Put coconut oil in your hair, sleep with it in overnight if possible. Coconut oil is great for hair!

4) Use heat protectant if you have to use heat on your hair.

5) Use treatments that contain protein, such as Redken's Extreme line or the Joico K-Pak. But don't overdo it! Too much protein can make your hair feel like straw.


Please also note that when it comes to hair, a month is nothing. Hair grows very slowly, and it can take a while to see results. For example, you won't see results from biotin within a month. It can take 6 - 12 months. Additionally, taking too much biotin may not be good for you either. Make sure you do research on the recommended dosage. Regardless, you will not see results overnight. 


Your hair has been through a lot, treat it kindly. Smiley Happy Be gentle with it. It will take a while to see results, but just be patient. It will pay off in the long run.


My hair has been through a lot, and I spent 3 years growing out damage. It wasn't easy, but it paid off! I used some of the suggestions I mentioned above, and was able to grow my hair to my waist. Smiley Happy

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

Is your hair growing from the scalp???


Or, are you experiencing break-off at the ends due to the bleach/highlights which is so normal???


Bleach is the devil!  You are highlighting every 8 weeks??? Should only highlight about every 4 months. Give bleached hair plenty of time to grow out and get strong.


Hairdressers take advantage of their customers because without that 'highlight money' they would make a lot less money. They don't care if you don't come back.  They would probably prefer you don't, anyways. 


Stop the bleaching and those 'tape-in extensions.'  Cut the damage parts (if you don't the split-ends with split your strands).  


We have all been there.  One disastrous dye job and Chop-Chop! It suxs. Omg, Good luck!


Oh, get on Yelp and find the best hairdresser in your price point. Money well spent and then you won't need all those hair products.



Re: My hair doesn't grow!

Highlighting can go 2 or 4 months or never repeat again - the frequency depends on what the individual is aiming for their color to look like, the rate of growth may be such that they prefer to go in more often to have the unlightened parts blend better with the lightened. And most stylists like repeat business, if they have good skills it is like having billboards and ads walking around in the world who can tell anyone who asks “who does your hair?” about them and send business their way! Hair styling is a business like any other, to stay around they NEED a solid base of loyal clientele - anyone who can only manage to get a person in their chair once won’t be worth keeping around for a salon owner; the owners want stylists who make them money, and that isn’t likely the case if the stylists are dependent on walk ins and one timers. A head full of foil highlights is more expensive and time consuming, and there may be some stylists out there who take advantage of that so their income gets a bump - but a smart one knows that an unhappy client costs them in the long run. If they do a full head every time and it damages the hair so visibly bad the client can complain to the salon owner and too many of those (a free redo or not) means the stylist loses their chair and has to go somewhere else. So I’m not sure why you would think that they are all out there looking to take advantage of people. They also try to serve their very cost conscious customers, so a lot of stylists won’t push add ons like olaplex steps 1 & 2 when they know the person is...frugal...the problem is that some people are told that it’s an add on cost that’s being suggested to address damage and then the client decides to put it off because they won’t get how bad of shape the hair is in until it’s blatantly obvious (think Kim K when she went platinum) and then they’re pissed even though they were warned. 


Tape in extensions are terrible for the hair, as is any kind of hair extension really because they’re basically constantly pulling on the hair, putting tension on it which only requires running your hand through your hair a bit roughly to yank individual hairs right out from the scalp. Traction alopecia is from tightly pulling back or on the hair via your hair style - small tight braids, a tightly pulled back ponytail or bun etc - and if that is being done for months and years you end up with a receding hairline. A daily ponytail with weakened hair will start breaking off at the point where the hair band/scrunchie is always sitting tightly around the hair. 

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

I think a split end mender can help. It will help you grow more length in between haircuts, and if they only trim it, you should gain a little more with each cut. 


I love the old OGX one. It was discontinued and I started trying the new OGX one and am trying the Living Proof one. I have not tried either long enough to recommend a specific one, but I can say preventing hair from splitting is a great place to start (after a fresh haircut).


I suggest this, in addition to the good advice already offered below. 

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

I definitely agree with the previous replies.  Definitely a complete blood test.  This could be a medical underlying problem rather than esthetic.  Better make sure.  

Best of luck Smiley Wink 


Re: My hair doesn't grow!

yes you should def get your blood test done. i too have low hemoglobin count and low iron content which used to cause massive hair fall and stunted growth.

now i am taking iron supplements and multivitamins. I too used to take biotin but it gave me pimples so i stopped.


hope this helps you Smiley Very Happy

Re: My hair doesn't grow!

Have you had a full blood test, with a full hormone, thyroid, full b complex and vitamin d components, recently?


Those components aren't usually done with a routine blood test, best to specifically ask for them when talking with your primary doctor, about everything your noticing with your body. Also get a copy of your results (if you don't ask already), so you can see exactly what's what..not just rely on the call that says your fine, without details.

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