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My hair always feels like there is left over conditioner in it! even after i wash it.

For a while now my hair has always had this left over residue.  I feel like ive tried everything to stop it!  First i thought it may have been my shampoo and conditioner i was using.  I tried a different one and it really didnt change anything.  I also thought it may have been the biotin I was taking.  I stopped taking the biotin and nothing changed so I started to take it again.  When I am in the shower washing I focus on washing it all out so I dont think thats the problem.  I'm hopeless!  I just really hate this!  I take a shower, do my hair, and it already looks greasy and gross.  Any idea what the problem may be?

Have you tried a clarifying shampoo?

Have you tried a clarifying shampoo?

Well first thought it  that some common products in shamp...

Well first thought it  that some common products in shampoo and conditioners can leave a residue, specifically there is a chemical used in most hair products called amodimethicone. It is designed to remain on hair AFTER washing conditioner out (shampoo will remove it usually). It is supposed to be self limiting, meaning once there is a certain amount in on your hair no more will be left behind. Sometimes, however, it can escape the shampoo cleanse, and trap other things with it.


All this means, is you may need to use a clarifying shampoo once every few weeks/other week (NOT every day. It complete strips hair and could lead to extreme drying out if used everyday).


Other thought, is that if you're using a shampoo and conditioner high in protein, you could be giving your hair more of what it already has. Think of it as similar to over starching your clothes, yes in theory it helps maintain shape and structure, but too much and it's stiff as a board!


Some hair is naturally protein dense, and thereby doesn't play well with extra protein getting added in (yours truly).


Third and final- if your hair is naturally dry, using shampoo that is too harsh can strip away too much good oil. The hair that is very dry then does not get all the nourishing oil, the scalp senses this, and figures it will make MORE oil. Downside, over cleansing usually means that these oils never make it to the hair tip, and the scalp becomes over saturated. Switching to sulfate free shampoo can help as long as you do not use any styling products that require heavy cleansing. 

Fixing that will take a little time once you figure you what's going on. As in a week or so before your scalp picks up on the new health status. 

Did you install (or have installed in your apartment/buil...

Did you install (or have installed in your apartment/building) a water softener? Or changed water sources, like moving or your city changed it's water treatment? I find when I travel that if I stay at a hotel with a water softener that my hair feels slimy even after rinsing, just like if I hadn't rinsed out all the conditioner.

You can get a water filter that fits on your shower head that removes chemicals from the water and makes your shampooing work properly and your skin feel better. They are available at building supply stores like Lowes or Home Depot, or a plumber can install one if you don't want to do it. (It's very simple and the filter comes with easy directions, most just involve removing the shower head and screwing the filter in place).


Hope this helps!

Re: Did you install (or have installed in your apartment/buil...

Thank you very much! Ill try it!
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