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My Hair WILL NOT Hold A Curl!!!!

I have long (few inches past shoulder length)





hair, but I have a ton of it.

I bought a NUME curling wand that is supposed to do very well and it was very $$$.

I don't know what hair products to use to keep a curl in my hair.

Heat protectant, hair spray, I've no idea?

Anyone else have this problem/hair type?  I just want to curl my hair Smiley Sad

Re: My Hair WILL NOT Hold A Curl!!!!

Hi Ashiepop,


Just to add to the advice that you have already. My hair was so resistant at first. I have pin straight thick hair. It took a few tries to finally get it to curl. I agree, day all hair holds the curl A LOT more! I also like setting it with a flexible spray like the Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode.


de mode.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: My Hair WILL NOT Hold A Curl!!!!

Hi Ashiepop, I agree that a holding spray will probably work best. I suggest trying Bumble & Bumble Extra Strength Holding Spray


Extra Strength Holding Spray.jpg


You may also want to apply some styling mousse while your hair is damp after you wash it. 


Sachajuan Hair Mousse Medium Hold


Hair Mousse Medium Hold.jpg


Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: My Hair WILL NOT Hold A Curl!!!!

The best thing you can do to make a curl hold is to use a working spray while curling. Spray the section of hair with a working spray before, give it a second to dry then take that section and curl it, then spray that piece with a finishing spray and continue. Then you can run your fingers through when you have finished. I do this everytime i curl my clients hair for an event. They always last. Also and styling cream before you start will help as well. 

Re: My Hair WILL NOT Hold A Curl!!!!

what products should I use?

Re: My Hair WILL NOT Hold A Curl!!!!

Best advice I can give you is when you want to curl your hair, make sure it is day old hair as when you wash it, it will be too fine and slippery, you want it to have some texture. Since it's oily, maybe try using dry shampoo if its too much to handle? As far as product, just a little hairspray should help. I like TIGI Catwalk Hairspray.

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