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My Ginger Hair

Hey yall,

I am a red head but I work outside over the summer and it tends to get bleached out and I am curious if yall know anything that can prevent this.

- Danimal

Re: My Ginger Hair

When I was younger I loved the sun in look so I loved when the sun lightned my hair, since I hated having strawberry blond hair. Who knew red was such a sought out color ?? Now if I know I will be outside all day I tend to just put it up and wear a hat. I don't bother with all the claimes of shampoos since I never notice a difference anyways. Just keep it out of the sun and afterwards maybe do a hair mask to restore some of the moisture the sun sucked out.

Re: My Ginger Hair

hey yall thanks for all your help I need to stay cute for my bf

Re: My Ginger Hair

Try a line or products with UV protection like Alterna's Bamboo Color Care UV line. Though you might not have color treated hair, the UV protection it offers can work well on non-color treated hair as well.


To also give your hair an extra boost in radiance, Pureology (sold at salons/Ulta) has their new Reviving Red line which is amazing.

Re: My Ginger Hair

Either way, here are a few tips:


1. Hats.

2. Find a hair product with SPF in it to block the UV rays.  Even if you wear a hat, still use the SPF hair product first since the hat won't block everything.


Signed, A fellow ginger.

Re: My Ginger Hair

Is it your natural hair or do you color it?

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