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Matching eyebrows to hair color?

For those that color your hair do you match your eyebrows to your hair color?


I dyed my hair blonde for years and years and didn't worry so much about my darker eyebrows because the contrast looked okay.


Now I'm doing my hair more red/dark strawberry and I feel like my brows look weird and I should probably dye them to match or a little darker than my hair color. 



Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

I mix a matte red and light cool brown shade together and use that for my eyebrows. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

Personally I have ashy blonde hair and I dye it lighter so I find that matching my brows to my natural hair color looks great with my dyed hair

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

My hair is somewhere around the Loreal boxes you posted. It is normally more of the Penny Red but can change to the Reddish Blonde easily when I'm out in the sun (I have a good bit of natural blonde in my hair as well). My eyebrows are blonde and my eyelashes are clear blonde. Even with brow powder my brows are a little bit lighter than my hair.  I could go darker but brown looks really off to me. Red hair is something that's really easy to tell when it's off or not real (partially because I am a red head). The brows are a dead giveaway so it's really important to get them right. 

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

Thanks all. I think I'll try a brow powder first and see how that goes. If I don't like that then I'll try coloring with my hair product next time but just not leaving it in very long. 


If they end up looking heinous I already have some Refectocil in brown to dye them darker again. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be the great brow debacle of 2013 for me. Smiley Wink

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

It varies by individual. Some people look better with matching hair and eyebrow colors, some fare better if the colors are within a few shades of each other.


My hair is colored and I fill my eyebrows in to match simply because it looks better on me that way. So I would say do whichever looks better on you. There really is no one rule for everyone.

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

I have dark brown hair and my brows are almost black.  Now that I'm going lighter, my stylist tint my brows with a lighter brown so they match my lighter brown and blonde highlighted hair. Between colorings I use a brow powder that is a lighter brown.  It really helps to mask how dark my brows really are.

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

I think it would be better just to fill in your brows. I am naturally fairly dark haired but my brows are sparse. Right now I am lighter than I am naturally and more red. To get my brows to "match" my hair,I just fill them in with a shade of a similar undertone. Since your hair is going to be more red, pick a shade that is more red. It doesn't have to be a deep color (since you don't want any darker?) but it will help give your brows the same undertone as your hair.


My favorite shade for my red hair is UD's eyeshadow in Buck. It's a medium brown with reddish tones. Although my hair is a bit darker than yours

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

As a former hair stylist i say no way. Unless you have a girl with naturally light hair and browns going dark.  Unless its a major difference I think you should leave mother natures doings alone.  


By strawberry do you mean strawberry blonde? or a dark brown/red? 

If you're going dark brown maybe you can try an auburn powder/pencil.  

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

I've been using Reddish Blonde (see below) but next time I'm switching to Penny Red (also below) and my brows are naturally dark brown. It's just most redheads I see have lighter brows than I do and it seems to look more natural. 


Reddish Blonde




Penny Red 


Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

Pretty color!! I'm only so cautious about it because i did it once, i was going to  a level 6 brown, and naturally a level 4… but going more "chocolate cherry' an it just looked odd… 

if you want to i would try mixing a 1:1 ratio of color to a conditioner and leaving on half the amount of time you would for your hair… 

and buying a bottle of what color your brows are normally, just incase lol 




upload_8773914640265740205.jpglike hers look normal its not too off 



upload_3917466544934693718.jpgi would lighten lol 


i know these aren't your colors but if you were fine blonde i don't think the change to red would need a brow dye job 

Re: Matching eyebrows to hair color?

I fill in my brows just so they don't look sparse with a darker color than they are naturally, but I don't tint them the same color as my purple hair.    When my hair was black, i didn't fill my brows in black because i thought it looked funny, but more of a true ash. 


I say try a few colors and see what you like!

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