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Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

Helloooooo! I'm thinking about purchasing a Mason Pearson brush. I've done some research but I haven't taken the plunge yet because of the price tag. The main reason I'm considering dropping that much $$$ on a brush is because I have an extremely sensitive scalp. I have large surgery scar on my scalp and whenever I brush my hair with my current brush I get chills down my spine! Not fun. I'm considering the Mason Pearson brush for sensitive scalp/fine hair.

I'm wondering if any of you ladies have tried them? What are your thoughts on the "Rolls-Royce" (lol, read that in a magazine...) of brushes?

Re: Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

I just bought the mixed Junior Mason Pearson brush. I love it. You should get the all Boar bristles, since your scalp is sensitive. I needed the mixed for my hair type. Just follow the cleaning instructions. Very important.   Goochie from Brooklyn, N. Y. Also buy from a reputable store. I got mine at Saks.

Re: Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

YES, YES, YES! I love mine! Have had it for years, best investment ever. Even got the mini to keep in my purse. 

I never brush my hair when it's wet, just a wide tooth comb, and I like to comb it before I brush it. But, I do brush my hair every night before bed. The natural bristles really help distribute hair oil. 

Re: Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

Smiley Happy They definitely are an investment piece. I know people that have had their brush for like 15+ years! They really are great quality. I've never had a natural bristles brush, I think that's why I'm so indecisive about it.

Re: Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

They are amazing, but i would not trade my Drybar Lemon Drop for any one of them. Since i got the DLDB i have not used one Mason Pearson brush. Try to get them on sale if you can and do not buy on Amazon or ebay. Go to a reputable store. Maybe someone would give it to you for the holidays Smiley Wink

Re: Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

Is the Lemon Drop a lot different than the Wet Brush?

Re: Mason Pearson Brushes... worth it?

Thanks for the reply. Lol now I kinda want that Drybar brush as well... The holiday thing is a good idea. I'll start hinting to my mother that I could use a new hairbrush for Christmas and purchase the Drybar myself. Hahha. Smiley Happy

Yeah, I couldn't believe at the amount of fake brushes I saw on those sites! I saw that has Mason Pearson and they always have 20% off coupons. I'm not sure if they are authentic though. Arrgh.

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