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Maintaining Curly Hair...



I have naturally curly hair, and I'm all about embracing it. Unfortunatley, I have yet to find something that really works on my hair. My hair is more wavy-curly. My roots can tend to be a bit oilier, and the rest of my hair is ok. Like most curly haired girls, I also have a little bit of a frizz problem.


Right now, I put in Herbal Esssence Volumizing Mousse, and blow dry it with a diffuser. It looks great after this, but when I sleep on it, it doesn't look too good. 


Basically, I'm looking for something that can help maintain the curls until the next time I wash my hair.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Yikes! Put down the mousse and back slooooooowly away. It is a death knell for the health of curly hair. You can't go wrong with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner. I have tried their Totally Twisted range but HH gets my loyalty. It's a win-win: it's not at all expensive and it does what it says it'll do which is add loads of moisture and hydration to the hair. And it is readily available in Canada so that's a plus. I don't know if Mane N Tail conditioner is available in Canada, but if so, pick it up and use it as a great frizz fighting leave-in. Apply on either wet or dry hair, it works a treat either way.

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Wow! This is amazing, I wasn't expecting so many more replies. I have actually changed my hair routine from this. Now I use mixed chicks leave in conditioner, but I also curl my hair a lot (it gives me nicer waves). But now I am definitely going to look into devacurl! 


I also tried the No-Poo method and I was told that my hair looked greasy and I didn't really notice much difference in my hair. :/ 


Also, I live in Canada so is devacurl available in Canada? I tend to shop more in-store because I don't like paying shipping Smiley Wink 

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Also, how long did you do the no-poo method?  It can take up to a month or two to actually notice a difference in your hair.  Also, you hair may look greasy but it is more so the natural oils. You much also remember that without the sulfates, your oil production is trying to balance itself out.

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

i'm in Canada too...i've found devacurl at sephora and trade secrets.


with the no-poo how much product did you use?  you really need very little product and you just put it on your roots...the excess you can put on your ends but you need very little product

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

The code is Devacurl. In the package you would receive 1 oz each of No Poo, Creamy Conditioner, and Light Hair Gel. You Need to purchase a minimum of 25.00

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

I recently tried DevaCurl styling cream and really liked it. I would try that instead of the mousse. There's a promo code right now where you can get 3 Deva products to try. I would like to try it again in summer, because that's the true frizz control test. My hair needs to be washed every day no matter what anyone says. I guess that makes it easy on me in the sense that I only need my style to hold for that one day before trying something new the next day.

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Hey! Smiley Happy I'm a curly girl. And let me tell you - finding products can be a nightmare! The first (and most important thing you can do) is google the "No-Poo" method. Now, that doesn't mean forgoeing shampoo all together, or buying a super expensive product like Wen or DevaCurl's "Noo-Poo" product. You just stop shampooing everyday, and cut it down to about once a week or less, BUT condition every day. You'll be amazed at the incredible difference. And no, your hair won't turn into a grease bomb or be gross and icky. It makes a difference for the BETTER. Smiley Happy Curly hair is NOT meant to be exposed to harsh detergents and shampoos. It destroys your curls. 


Now, next step is to STEP AWAY FROM THE MOUSSE!! Mousse can be super tempting, because it holds things in place - but it's super drying and damaging to your hair. 

Invest in some moisturizing curl cream. DevaCurl makes an AMAZING one. There's a promo code for it Smiley Happy (See Rikkie's Promo Thread, or her blog, excessivecolor dot com). I prefer DevaCurl to other brands, because I have a fragrance sensitivity, BUT I'm sure there are drugstore/other brands out there who make a similar product. I've tried Carol's Daughter, but it didn't work as well for me. (Of course, every girl is different! Curls are unique just like you!)

Sephora sells TONS of DevaCurl products, gels, shine spray, etc. The key is just to find WHICH product is right for you. Do you know your curl type? It sounds like you might have S'wavy hair, possibly. If I were you, I'd get the trial sized DevaCurl kit (Sephora sells two different types!) and find out which products are right for you. 


Curly hair can be awful, because it's the most expensive hair type! But - it'll be worth it when you see your shiny, bouncy curls in the mirror. Smiley Happy


Oh - one last thing! Curly girls require special haircuts! Find out which salon's in your area are certified to cut curly hair. The right haircut can be HUGE! 

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

this just about took the words out of my mouth!  i have been using the devacurl line for a couple of months now and see a huge difference in my hair.  yes the products are more expensive than a lot of things but i use less product.  Try to find products that are sulfate and silicone free...makes a huge difference!!

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

My go to is Wen. It's made a world of difference in my hair. I have spiral tight curls. 


I still have to spray water on my hair to puck it out but my hair is also waist length and gets tangled. 

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Carol's Daughter monoi repairing shampoo and conditioner along with the hair mask has done wonders for my hair. My curly hair is now healthy and manageable again!

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Ouidad hands down.  Go to the website and see the tutorials, you won't be sorry you did.  If you have a Ouidad Salon in your area, go talk with them, they are very helpful and may even style your hair the Ouidad way for free just so you know what you are doing


No crunch, I usually get 3 good hair days without having to wash and yes, as mentioned previously, put your hair up in a loose scrunchy

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

the real deal...Quidad; who, what, where, when and the why's.

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Try sleeping with it up in a loose ponytail (so the hair is in your face) with a silk pillow case, works for me.. Also, try not to use products with alcohol, Smiley Happy

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Another suggestion: Do you sleep on a silk pillowcase?  if you don't, I would suggest getting one.  It doesn't "catch" curly hair like most cotton pillow cases do.

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Hi there!


I've learned that curls even ones made with a curling iron will stay eith the right products.  You can use a mousse but you can use curl definers, gels, or waxes and add smoothing products that are made for use with heat.  Blow dry with a diffuser or without it but not with the concentrator (skinny attachment).  Blow dry up high and keep the blow dryer moving.  You can use a wide tooth comb to help seperate the curls don't use a brush because you can comb out the curl.  Also don't completely dry the hair if you have natural curls.  Dry like 75% and then comb and scrunch with a little gel.  Hairspray from underneath not over the hair with some scrunching.


The products that I use are:

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave and Round Trip

Biosilk  Silk Therapy

Redken Satinwear 02

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay

Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty Texture spray (lightly for a piecier look)


Hope this helps!

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Your hair doesn't look good when you sleep on it because the same thing that makes your curls stay during the day (the mousse) readily agrees to hold the new style you create for it when you're sleeping (flattening!). 


In other words, don't just use a hold product. And I'm not a fan of mousses. I think they're a bit too crunchy and the hold is too firm for curly hair, so it kills your curls as soon as you sleep on them.

I've started using Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls. It's great for curl activation, which you can encourage with a lot of scrunching as well. It has very soft hold but is good at combatting frizz. I feel like it promotes some really nice volume too because it's really really light.

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Hi, So there is a line called mixed chicks, And it made for curly, or wavy hair. You can find it by googling it, I came across it when i was in Cosmetology school, I was cutting my little cousins hair, she's half african american, and her hair is so wavy/ curly, and her mom doesn't know alot about how to take care of her hair, and my instructor came by and noticed and recommend this line because her neices have the same hair, very frizzy also, and she ordered the line and used it, and she said it was one of the best lines she ever came across, and she has alot of experience! They have leave in creams, shampoo, conditioner, hair sprays, hair refreshers. I ordered it for my cousin and her mom said it really helped. I would recomend to look into it. Hope this helps. 

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

Thanks for the suggesitons! I will read up on these products and see which one I think would suit me best. 

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

I use Aveda's Be Curly line and can't live without it.  Zero frizz but not heavy!

Re: Maintaining Curly Hair...

GIRLFRIEND I AM HALF ITALIAN AND HALF BLACK! I FEEL YOUR PAIN! LOL  Even if you are not black, look in the black section of the hair stuff! there are alot of great products and stuff to controll fizz and curl!!! I SHOULD KNOW! lol

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