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I'm basically looking for some kind of shampoo that does wonders and beyond. My hair has its days, curly, wavy, frizzy, dry etc. 



I use Aveda's Be Curly line and LOVE it.  Yes, condition your hair every single day, and also use Aveda's Be Curly style prep and pomeade.  Difference makers!!


Perhaps I can be of some help to you, since I have very curly hair.  Just like Lylysa said, go for a Sulfate Free shampoo and conditionern however, please be warned: Not all Sulfate Free shampoos are created equal.  If a sulfate free shampoo lathers, it does contain sulfate, though a milder form.  If it does not, it is truely a sulfate free shampoo.  Also, don't shampoo your hair every day.  Wait to shampoo.  I shampoo my hair every four days and my hair hardly shows oiliness (which is the benefit of curlly hair).  Also. CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION!  I don't care how many times you shower, you condition your hair every time you shower.  Curly hair is the driest of all hair types and it must be maintained properly in order to maintain its health.


As for hair products, it really depends on the type of curl you have: tight spirls, loose waves, etc., and the look you want your curl to look like.  If you want softer looking curls (works well if your curl is loose) then use a cream however, if you have a tighter curl and wise to loosen it up and make it more defined (they tend to be more frizzer), a cream and gel will be best (gel will help in order to control the frizz).  One thing I notice is that many people are afraid to use gel because of the crunch.  Best way to solve that problem: when the hair is completely dry, scrunch out the crunch to get beautiful and defined curls.  When applying products, I recommend running the products though your hair before scrunching it in, which will again give more defination.


Now then, also consider using an old t-shirt or a towel made specifically for curly hair to remove most of the water after you shower.  I know that people suggestion microfiber towels however, they are not the same material as these towels.  This will help to reduce the frizz as well.


Don't touch your hair at all - please. Touching the hair only causes frizz, which will cause more problems.  Also, when blow drying your hair, use a finger diffuser, which will distrubute air around the curl without disrupting it.  However, I will warn not to dry it too much (let some of the hair airdry) that way, you don't run the risk of frizzy hair.


Also, don't forget trimming and maintaining your hair, which surprisingly does help with health.


As for brands, a lot of curlies who use the Curly Girly Method (which is the Sulfate Free, Silicone Free method) prefer the brands JessiCurl, CurlJunkie, and DevaCurl.  I've used JessiCurl before with amazing results!  I have been considering going back to them, since I loved the appearance of my curls back then. They also have test kits, where you can try out their products, which are pretty reasonable in price.


Last thing I will like to mention, it will take a while for your hair to fully come back to its healthy again however, if you are patient and consistant in everything, your curls will showly bring themselves to health.


I hope this helps you out!


For hair that is dry, frizzy, and also curly/wavy, try looking into brands that are sulfate free at the bare minimum. Sulfates are soaps/detergents that act as lathering agents, which provide the visual of bubbles but also strip hair of essential oils if used in excess or on more delicate/troubled hair types.


More and more brands are moving away from using sulfates as they don't actually serve any true purpose other than provide a lather and doesn't make a product more efficient.


I would first suggest trying out the brand Living Proof, particularly, their No Frizz line, if your main focus is on taming the frizz and making curls smoother in texture and shape.


No Frizz Discovery Kit


The products are sulfate free, and rather than use heavy silicones or waxes to tame strands and calm frizz, it relies on a partical called a polyfluroester to smooth hair withough forming water-impervious bonds around strands which may help to smooth and block out excess moisture/humidity, but in the long end, they can also prevent much needed moisture and hydrators from penetrating hair shafts. The kit comes with a shampoo, conditioner, styling cream (creams are great for curls as they help preserve and define shape, but also help impart moisture), and a leave in conditioner sample.


Depending on how dry your hair is, you can also look into Carol's Daughter, another gentle, sulfate free line. CD focuses on using more botanical based/infused products like


If your first focus is on dryness, try the Monoi kit:

Carol's Daughter - Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Starter Kit


It's deeply conditioning and restores hair back to a healthy state with the use of monoi oil, hibicus extract, and silk proteins to also strengthen strands.


If your focus is more on taming and managing the curls, try the Milk kit:

Hair Milk™ Starter Kit


This set is designed especially for curly/wavy hair and uses milk proteins to tame and smooth and avocado oils to increase shine and managability. The kit comes with a co-wash (a combination of 1/4 shampoo and 3/4 conditioner, making it a "conditioning wash"), leave in conditioner, a light weight leave in conditioner, and a styling pudding to define curls.


Ouidad is line made specifically to cater to curls and is also sulfate free.


Their basic starter kit is a great place to start:

Curl Essentials Starter Kit


It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, gel (if your hair is more coarse/feeling especially dry, the gel may or may not have enough hold or offer enough control as gels are absorbed quicker than creams, milks, or oils), and a leave in conditioning spray.


There is also a set for combating frizz along with catering to curls, and it's available in two sizes:

Ultimate Frizz Fighting TrioUltimate Frizz Fighting Trio


Both kits have the same thing, one is just full sized, the other is trial sized. Once again, basic shampoo and conditioner is included as well as a gel that also combats humidity. Keep in mind what I mentioned before about gels. Depending on the formulation they may or may not work for your hair type, but it's a matter of trying things out and learning what is best for your hair.


Though Bumble & Bumble doesn't have a set out, they do carry a line of full sized items to cater to smoothing curls. Though the shampoo isn't sulfate free, they do have a full line of styling products in a cream formula that can help define, smooth, and tame hair along with sprays and conditioning masks.


Curl Conscious Defining CremeCurl Conscious Calming CremeStyling Creme


I know it's a lot of options, but it's important to do your research and see what is available out there to find the best for your hair. You can always mix and match products from lines, for example use the Milk kit from CD and the LP No Frizz Styling Cream and a weekly treatment of the Monoi deep conditioner.


It's also important to look into other factors, for example, the quality of the water coming through your shower head, sometimes extra hard or water that is too soft due to an imbalance of minerals can affect how hair lays and dries. Specialty shower heads that filter these out are available at home improvement shops and on Sephora as well.


T3 has a shower head and hand held shower head:

Source Showerhead FilterSource Hand-Held Shower Filter


And Couture Color has one as well too:

Resc-Hue™ Water Purification System With Handheld Massage Wand


This are also great if you ever color your hair, they will prevent harsh minerals from dulling color and making hair lack luster.


Also, try sleeping on a satin pillowcase, this will reduce the amount of friction on strands, making it less likely for curls to get broken apart and the strands to be rubbed against too roughly.


After washing your hair, use a microfiber towel (less friction than terry cloth/cotton) to blot and pat dry excess water, don't rub hair inbetween the towel, this will separate curls/waves and lead to disorder in the shape.


If you use a blow dryer, be sure to use a thermal protectant (which also goes if you use any curling rods/irons to define sections or whenever you flat iron your hair). Try one that isn't a spray as dry/curly hair needs a product with more weight like a serum such as CD's Macadamia Heat Protection Serum:

Macadamia Heat Protection Serum


Use a diffuser, like the one from T3:

Soft Touch Diffuser

Or shop for a basic one to fit your blow dryer to distribute heat/air evenly through the thickness of your curls, making heat damage less likely to concentrated areas and allowing hair to dry more evenly.


Keep your hands/fingers out of your hair when it's dry, resist the urge to run through hair and break apart curls or have the oils from your hands drag hair down, this will preserve the shape of your curls/waves much longer.


Try to avoid using paddle brushes in your hair as the bristles are so close and will only cause hair to splay out in disarray, use a pick or a wide tooth comb instead if needed, a WTC is especially helpful in the shower to distribute conditioner and not snag/tangle up hair when it's dry, comb/work the product from your ends to your roots to prevent too much product from weighing hair down at the top or leaving a greasy mess.


Other lines that you might look intois Deva Curl (offers tons of styling options and washes, items are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free) and Redken's Curvaceous line (sadly Sephora doesn't carry this one) which just launched (also sulfate free and has curling serums/sprays/creams).



I have super curly, frizzy, thick hair. (3b hair type) there are a couple things i use.


1  Wen=  love love love this. 

2  Aussie Moisture shampoo/conditioner= for those time I cant swing Wen b/c  its pricey.

3  Tigi bedhead resurrection 

4 carols daughter rosemary sulfate free shampoo


i also use the corresponding conditioners or something super hydrating.


then i use a serum to tame frizz. one i love right now is by josie maran. but just the argan oil works great too




I've been using Garnier's Triple Nutrition for awhile, it's just a general shampoo for breakage and hair lacking nutrients, but I love it!


As far as wonders and beyond, I think that Nixon carries a shampoo for thin hair that I use on my thick hair to create more volume. It's super nice, definitely a great pick if you want something that works wonders.


Good luck!

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