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Lush Hair Products- Seanik or Big? Which one??

I have baby fine hair that is really soft. It is pretty short (above my shoulders, but long enough to put in a pony tail). I have been using Kerastase and love it, but it's hard for me to use one product all the time. So, I have been wanting to try these different shampoos from Lush. I was thinking either BIG or Seanik because my ultimate goal is volume and to help my hair appear thicker. I know they are two totally different types of shampoo, but which one is best for volume? My hair is color  treated with highlights and I have naturally dark blonde hair, if that makes a difference.


Re: Lush Hair Products- Seanik or Big? Which one??

Do you think it would strip my color if I just used it once a week or more if I used it daily? I was just planning on using it for going out, important work meetings, ect. to give me extra volume...but not on a day to day basis.

Re: Lush Hair Products- Seanik or Big? Which one??

i would be cautious using either since you have color treated hair.  both are fairly harsh and drying and i think it might affect your color.  But I do like the Seanik shampoo bar!  The shampoo bars in general are great at cleansing hair and are convenient for travel.  And its one of the few shampoos that doesnt make my scalp flakey!

Re: Lush Hair Products- Seanik or Big? Which one??

Big is definitely the best for volume (former lush employee here), it gives crazy volume, but it can be a touch drying so you do need a condition, just ask the employees for one that is light weight, I link veganese is really light weight. The only thing is I am not sure if it will strip your hair colour

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