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Long, heavy, volume less hair.

My hair about to my belly button, I am above average in height as well. No matter how I put my hair up there is alway one hair holding being pulled, giving me migraines. I have yet to find a way to a way to get even a little volume at the top of my head. I have trouble with my hair not falling out of bobby pins/clips because how heavy it is. If there is any advice you can give me on any of my issues I would greatly appreciate it and you! Let me know if I left anything out or you need more information. Thank you for your time. 

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

You could try crimping sections of your hair to get volume at the top!

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

Just sections? Or the whole thing?

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

@Bisbae Have you tried different hairstyles to help distribute the weight more evenly. There are hundreds of types of buns and other styles meant to help specifically with distributing hair weight. Lots of YouTube tutorials are very good and easy to follow along.


I donโ€™t have hair nearly as long as you, but mine is pretty thick and slippery. Ficcare clips are one of the only clips that actually keep my hair up.


Of course it depends entirely on you and your preferences, but hairstylists are always trying to put layers in my hair and I prefer no layers because itโ€™s much easier to get my hair up and styled without layers. In fact, I have a lot of layers in my hair now (which I did not ask for...she just started cutting them and then told me they were necessary after because my hair looked too heavy), which I very much hate because they poke out from all my buns.

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

Could you please suggest some YouTube videos for me to watch? I have yet to find the right videos. It think itโ€™s the way I word it. Definitely looking into those clips. 

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

@Bisbae There's no easy way to say need to cut some major length. Gravity is what is causing your headaches and your hair to fall flat. If you have layers, you need more. I know how easy it is to become attached to our hair and change is scary...but even product I reccomended to you wont support your length. Any other stylist, i'm going to tag another one also @darlyndar will likely tell you the same. Shorter layers in the crown and some length off.

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

I like braiding my hair but I donโ€™t know how to do it with layers. Which is why I donโ€™t have them. Any tips?

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

@Bisbae Here are those pins. They work miracles.



Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

@Bisbae I agree with @GG84. Iโ€™m 5 feet tall and my hair it to my bellybutton as well. I have thick, wavy hair and zero extensions in it. I constantly keep up on my layers to give it life and volume. My best friend will always be a root booster and mousse through my ends. Never, ever sleep with your hair up. Our hair is just too heavy and will cause those migraines. There are these Bobby pins...they look like spirals. Goody makes them. Theyโ€™re perfect for us cause it gives extra hold when itโ€™s up. Regular Bobby pins do nothing. Lol. 

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

When you use these pins do you use a ponytail as well? What do you do with your hair at night? I move around to much at night to keep my hair loose. I randomly get throw up in the morning so I donโ€™t like to keep my hair down or I may regret it. 

Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

@GG84 8ED76AD5-BA2C-4244-9D14-53C52A09F10A.gif


Re: Long, heavy, volume less hair.

I can get volume in my hair but I canโ€™t keep it. Doing this to my hair will help it retain volume? How long should I do this? My hair drys extremely slow. 

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