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Long Heavy Hair

I have long heavy hair dyed black and naturally it has a bit of wave to it. Most of the time I blowdry and straighten it but when I do that the roots are very flat and half way through the day look kinda oily or at least not holding the body the rest of my hair naturally does.


I like to avoid blowdrying as well; as iwth long hair like mine it can take awhile. I'm looking for suggestions on hair products that help.


1. Help with giving roots lift while not making the rest of the hair frizzy

2. Help straighten hair without too much fuss.

3. Help with frizz in general (even tho I straighten my hair it often gets fly away and isnt exactly super smooth)


I'm not very good with hair/make up so techniques that don't require a lot of work or fuss are best.



Re: Long Heavy Hair

To help protect your hair color, use sulfate free products that will prevent stripping color from your hair prematurely, keeping your color longer and fresher.


Try using a volumizing conditioner, which has lighter weight ingredients to still hydrate but not weigh hair down. Avoid applying it directly to your roots initially, work from the ends, upward to where you're not saturating the top so much.


Living Proof's Full line uses polyfluroesters to keep hair smooth while taming frizz, and also boosts volume without weighing hair with silicones, waxes, or stripping hair with sulfates. It's safe to use on color treated hair as well.


They also have their No Frizz line, which gives a smoother look to hair. My hair is thick and to my hips with also a bit of wave and didn't consider frizz to be much of an issue, but felt and saw a big difference in how much better my waves looked after using the No Frizz products.


You can mix and match products from the lines and they even have little trial kits available so you can find the right mix for you.


Also, be sure to use a thermal protectant! This will keep your hair protected from heat damage/styling. Carol's Daughter has a macadamia serum that smoothes, adds shine, and protects hair and is perfect for heavier or thicker hair types. Divide your hair into 4 sections and smooth product working from the ends then moving upward before you blow dry. You can add a touch more while straightening or just after to give a sheen to your locks.



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