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Living Proof products

Hi, I got a blow out in which they used the Living proof no frizz products. I loved how my hair looked, so I bought the products. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I tried it myself, and my hair does not look sleek and frizz free. I'm thinking it might be an error with the amount I used of primer? I used the shampoo and conditioner. Then after towel drying my hair, I added a quarter size amount of primer from the top of my head down to my roots. After blow drying my hair with a rounded brush, the hair on top of my head looked matted at flat. It also looked a little greasy at the top to about 1/3 the way down. A few hours later I ended up adding the straightening spray (blue bottle) and straightening my hair because it just looked so greasy. What should I have done differently? Thanks

Re: Living Proof products

How did you towel dry your hair? Avoid rubbing or using friction to draw out water, but rather pat at your hair with your towel, try switching to a microfiber one as well too, it won't be as rough on your hair.


As for applying any product, distribution/application is key, if you apply products directly to your roots first, the majority of the product will be there, weighing down the top of your hair or even making it greasy/oily looking and feeling. Shampoo can be applied at the top because it helps to rid your scalp and roots of excess oil build up and sweat, but things like conditioner and any post shower/washing items, try working them into hair toward the ends or midway down the hair shaft downward then lightly skin hands over roots/tops.


For the spray, avoid spraying hair too close, get at least 8-12 inches between your hair and the nozzle so a fine mist is applied and you're not drenching strands. You can also mist a brush or comb and use that to distribute product if your hair is more fine or thin and can't take direct application.

Re: Living Proof products

it could be the blow dryer, at sephora (at least mine) they use some dryer that makes my hair look so beautiful, so i buy the products i go home, and it looks nothing like it. so i went back and they said that the blow dryer was the trick, it really does make a difference. 


good luck!

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