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Living Proof full shampoo

Has anyone with color treated & oily hair tried this and liked it, your experience? I tend to have oily hair so 2-3 days is as far as i can go. But since i do color my hair ive tried to find a sulfate free shampoo to maintain my color. im currently using a few different ones from matrix, and while it doesn't fade it i thought it would be better to have the option to alternate


Ive tried wen and its not for me, the problem i find with sulfate free is that it doesn't fully clean my scalp especially since its oily. wen after a while built up and weighed my hair down. Right now i use it solely as a conditioner and it works great that way.
Anyone use living proof? i am thinking of trying the small size.

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Living Proof is totally safe for color treated hair! I use my LP shampoo/conditioner just about once a week to help with smoothing my hair (it's thick and wavy, I also used it when I put a auburn demi-permanent color in and it didn't fade it or alter it any faster).


The fact that Wen is like a co-wash (conditioning wash) might not have given you the actual cleansing sensation of a shampoo on its own, so you might like LP for the fact they separate the shampoo from the conditioner.


If you're looking for something safe for color treated hair but will also help smooth/tame hair without heavy silicones or waxes, LP would be a good route, but if smoothing or frizz isn't an issue, try Alterna's UV Color line or even Carol's Daughter's Rosemary Mint Clarifying Shampoo, which will help remove build up from oil and styling products but is also sulfate free to not strip/fade hair color.



Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Oh yea thats true!!! thats what i didn't like about wen, my hair is too fine to use it all over. i even tried the cucumber aloe that was supposed to be more astringent but i noticed no diff. 


thanks for the suggestions, i will research those. i have fine hair so smoothing isn't my main concern , mostly just the oils. especially since i color my hair once every 3 mons, and 2xs out of the year of the 4 i also highlight. my hair stylist said its the growth for when the color comes out- grows out i guess, not necessarily the shampoo completely fading it out faster. unless of course its like a bright red or crazy color thats hard to keep it

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Try the Full line in LP, though all of the brand is formulated with polyfluroesters to smooth (it relies on that rather than silicones or waxes, which can weigh hair down), the Full line helps to amp up fine hair a bit. Since your hair is more fine, I would probably opt to suggest checking out LP first then the other brands.

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Oh awesome. yea im not too familiar with silicones in my shampoo. the full line is the one i was looking at. i assume the thickening ones have silicones right/?

i was thinking of trying a small 2oz but its little higher  in $ than the 8oz equivalent. i also have a $5 gc lol

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Silicones and waxes can be used for a variety of reasons, but more than often in hair products they can be used to lock in hydrating ingredients and also block humidity and to smooth the hair shaft.


Too much silicone/wax and hair can feel heavy and look lifeless, regardless of hair type (fine or even coarse/curly).


I would go for the mini kit to try out the shampoo, conditioner, thickening styling cream, and root lift spray! Smiley Tongue

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Gotcha! im sort of low maintenance with my hair, so i don't use any products in it. just to blow dry and occasionally hair spray. But i think il definitely check out the shampoo in sephora tomorrow so i can try it Sunday or Monday


thanks for the info, very helpful!

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

No probs! Best of luck! I was really impressed by the LP line and I've tried a good handful of salon/more expensive lines and drug store brands and never got too swayed.


Though I don't find frizz to be an issue for me, I was very delighted and taken back by how smooth and nice it looked after using the LP shampoo/conditioner.

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

yea that definitely would be a plus. i have been using matrix for about 6years now and my hairstylist kept saying you know non sulfate ones will strip your hair. lol. but its never faded it since i don't wash daily/


and she mentioned it when i told her in the winter my scalp was also dry and itchy so i went back to basics and got head and shoulders.  I used a little of that & then would rinse and use my reg shampoo to cleanse after so it wouldn't weigh down. Glad its back to normal now


Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Ok I cheated lol. I used a little matrix on my first wash to clarify... my hair was a oily-mess because i last washed it on thur since i was home. So after rinsing on the 2nd wash i used the living proof, but it doesn't feel like a conditioner so thats a plus

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Hahaha, it's all good! Smiley Happy



Re: Living Proof full shampoo

LOL I was nervous it wouldn't deep clean all the grease. haha  I think i will work up the nerve to use it solo on thur for my next wash/

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Do it....*peer pressure change of Enablers R' Us* Smiley Tongue

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

BAHHHHHA!!  i will attempt on my next wash. I can always add in some of my regular shampoo if im feeling a little gross by the weekend.    

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Precisely! Smiley Very Happy Keep me posted!

Re: Living Proof full shampoo

Ok here is my 3 weekish update lol.  I've used it around 6-7 xs or so and so far I am loving it.  My hair feels really fluffy when I wash on the first day.  Most washes I'm able to go 3 days where it still looks decent and I add dry shampoo on the 3rd day.  I've been adding just a qtr size of reg matrix shampoo for color to combat the oils, on the first wash with the LP and then LP on the 2nd wash.  And if it lands on a sat when I have to wash my hair il use either the LP alone or add wen to condition.  


now here's my Q.  I am pretty low maintenance with my hair products.     I pretty much only use dry shampoo 2-3xs a week, hairspray 2xs a week if that and Argan oil the night before I wash to nourish    What kind of blow dry cream can I get that's light weight for my oily hair   I went to sephora but there were so many products it was overwhelming lol.   And I saw a lot of "creams "

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