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Lip Waxing...what about the grow back

So I am considering doing the upper lip wax... at the Benefit brow bar place.  I'm naturally blonde so I have that peach fuzz all over my face, which isn't really noticeable but still slightly annoying in the upper lip area when I want to wear concealer there so I just avoid it.  


Anyways, I am worried if I wax there it will grow back thicker and more wiry.  I've read this is a myth but about a year ago I was picking at spot on my chin where I had peach fuzz and tore some hairs out and now every so often I get a thicker darker hair growing in there that just seems to pop up overnight like some ninja beard.   So I'm worried the same will happen with upper lip.   Anyone have this experience?

Re: Lip Waxing...what about the grow back

Part of getting older is getting more, and coarser facial hair.  People mistake this for being a consequence of stuff they did to themselves, and that's where the myth comes from, just a false correlation.  


See also: the myth that after years and years of dying your hair, it will come in gray.


Regular waxing can actually damage the hair follicle so that it ends up growing in finer.  As far as going to Benefit for it, I feel like they're pretty pricey.  It might be worthwhile if they do an excellent job shaping your brows but maybe not so much with an all-off job like the upper lip.  

Re: Lip Waxing...what about the grow back

Hi Waywardspirit,


I used to think the same thing!!  I find that hair grows back thinner & finer when someone waxes or threads.  You tend to get that thicker, shadowy look after shaving, since the hair is being cut, rather than pulled out completely Smiley Wink


xo, Mia

Re: Lip Waxing...what about the grow back

Hi Waywardspirit,


I sometimes have my lip wax or threaded. I find threading to be more gentle on the skin. I do not experience it growing back faster or thicker. I think it all depends on your natural hair growth and texture.


I think it's worth it to try it once to see how you like it! Lately, I have been using the Bliss Poetic Wax Strips since it's a lot cheaper than going to the salon!


8 strips.jpg

This set comes with 8 strips for $12.

<3 Melissa

The myth that hair grows back thicker or altered all toge...

The myth that hair grows back thicker or altered all together stems from how the hair's folicle is what determines shape and the method of hair removal itself.


For example, if you ever notice when a guy first shaves, the initial grow back does tend to feel a bit more coarse or rough (the same goes if you shave a larger area like the legs), it's not that the texture of hair is now made different on a permanent level, but rather because shaving only targets hair at the surface so you're cutting hair blunt.


The above thread has a visual break down of this to better illustrate. Once hair grows in more, the texture refines itself (hence why a guy who has a full beard may actually have hair that feels softer or not as scratchy as that five o'clock shadow.


With waxing, the proper technique removes hair at the root so from start to finish with new regrowth the chances for that blunt edge to surface is minimized (unless hair is broken at the surface rather than removed at the root).


I wax my upper lip and my hair is dark and have never had issues of it growing back thicker or more tell-tale. Be sure you're not on acne medications like Accutane or retinol prior to waxing as this may thin the surface of skin out and run the risk of skin being pulled or damaged in the process. If you're opting for the Benefit waxing, their Arch Experts should cover this with the initial sign up. Smiley Happy

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