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LUSH haircare products

Hi  All,

I was wondering if anyone had tried any LUSH shampoos,conditioners or styling creams- specifically the BIG Shampoo, the Curly Wurly Shampoo and the R&B hair moisturizer? I'm considering getting a few things from them (recently run out of my lip scrub so  need to get that too- any recommendations for their products? I've heard amazing things about the Mint Tulips scrub) but I wanted to check and make sure they actually work well since they are a bit on the pricey side.

Re: LUSH haircare products

I'm currently using BIG Shampoo, and it's the only shampoo that's ever done something for my fine limp hair. This plus Big Sexy Hair foam gives me volume for days.


It took a little getting used to at first, since it's not a traditional shampoo, but more like a scrub. I place a small amount, like postage stamp size, in my scalp and massage until the salty bits feel dissolved. 


Definitely use a good conditioner afterwards because it can be drying on the ends, even if you aren't applying it to them. I'm using Organix argan conditioner and the combo is great. 


I'd definitely rebuy this shampoo, it's nearing HG status for me.

Re: LUSH haircare products

BIG def does its job but I would not use it everyday. I would ask for a sample to try out to see how it works for you. 

Re: LUSH haircare products

I love their bar shampoos for traveling especially over seas. Its a bar and won't spill!


If you color your hair you need to inform the of that and request shampoo or hair treatments that do not have salt in them or it will strip your color out.


If you are ever in a pinch and have some of their shower gel it can be substituted for shampoo but you shouldn't do it on a regular basis because it can make your hair very prone to breaking.

Re: LUSH haircare products

I love Lush's products. All of them!!! I'm a big fan in particular of R&B, which Lush markets as a "hair finisher"...sort of an anti-frizz, AMAZING-smelling balm you rub into damp hair.

Re: LUSH haircare products

I have fine hair that gets dry at the ends and use the Okra conditioner, available online, it did wonders for me and smoothed out my ends without turning my hair into a limp hot mess.  Have fun at Lush, they are always so friendly and never mind giving out samples to try.

Re: LUSH haircare products

oh really? Another thing to add to my ever-growing list of products to check out! You guys are all such enablers and I love it. And yes, they are super friendly! and generous with the samples! more stores could do with taking a page out of their book if you ask me.

Re: LUSH haircare products

Out of your list I only use Lush's Big shampoo. I love how it smells but I only use a tiny amount at my roots after I wash my hair with my normal shampoo  but before I use a conditioner. I find that it can be drying if I use it on the length of my hair. Afterwards I just blow dry my hair upside down and find that I don't need a volumizing mousse at the roots. It definitely fades coloured hair though. 

Re: LUSH haircare products

Yeah I'm a bit skeptical about Big because I've heard others say the same about it being drying- my already super dry hair definitely doesn't need that!

Re: LUSH haircare products

ugh, I wish I didnt enter this thread. Have you ever avoided a product line because you know you will get sucked in and love it and then it will be one more thing you cant live without? 




Lush ...





*runs and hides*

Re: LUSH haircare products

lol I know exactly how that is! That's how I feel about finally giving into Lush. I used to find the stores way too overwhelming years ago when they first started popping up, and then when I gave it a shot, I would buy like ten bath bombs a week because I was in love. Tried to stay away for the sake of my wallet but lately i've been on a hunt for cruelty free products that are also free of harsh chemicals but still actually work, and only one brand seemed to fit the bill at my pricepoint lol Smiley Happy


Re: LUSH haircare products

R&B smells so lovely and the scent lingers. You only need a little tiny bit so the tub will last a long time. It's one of my favorite Lush products.


I love the smell of the Jungle solid bar conditioner, too. 


Re: LUSH haircare products

I like R&B but I don't like their shampoos/conditioners. I know I have said it before on here, but I have tried just about every shampoo out there and nothing even comes CLOSE to Aveda, especially the madder root/malva lines.

Re: LUSH haircare products

Jungle does smell amazing! I just wasn't able to use it much as it didn't really work well for me.and wow, R&B sounds like it has a lot of supporters! I have to check it out

Re: LUSH haircare products

I have used all 3. Big Shampoo is supposed to be great for volume (I am not too concerned about that) but what I loved using it for was to clean my hair up. It is super clarifying so I would use it once or twice a week. If you color your hair just be warned that Big (because of the sea salt and citrus) can potentially pull color out faster. A little bit goes a long way too. I would use about the size of a quarter or so just because it foams up so much! 


Curly Wurly is my favorite because I love anything coconut scented. It is really thick (it looks like the frosting you would make for a German Chocolate cake lol) so I usually take a little scoop and start working it in my hands to get it started. It is a low foaming shampoo so it doesn't strip the hair. I find it works great for colored hair or if you have really dry hair. It is a very moisturizing shampoo. Just be sure you rinse really well because it has real shavings of coconut in it (and if you don't rinse well you will find yourself picking out little bits of coconut from your head)!


R&B is nice. I use it as a leave-in conditioner. Depending on how thick your hair is, a little goes a long way. I have hair a few inches past my shoulders and I would use about a dime size and work it into my ends. My tub lasted me FOREVER! I will use it before and after styling to help with frizz. It adds shine and is another good product for dry hair/split ends/frizz. Shine so Bright is a similar product that comes in a tin the size of their lip balms. I found R&B is easier to work with though. 


I like Lush conditioners but I found for my longer hair it was hard to work through and I would end up dropping blobs of conditioner in the shower. They are nice but it is a different consistency (thinner but still moisturizing) because they are free of silicone. I prefer their hair treatments/masks! Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease was my favorite. It adds moisture and shine and has a lovely floral smell. 


The lip scrubs are amazing! And the lip balms if you have dry chapped lips. I used their skin care too and I like their toners and cleansers. Right now I am all about their soap, shower gels and the holiday stuff. 


That was long but I hope that helps!!

Re: LUSH haircare products

oh my goodness, if i could give your post a million hearts, I would! thank you so much for taking the time out to respond in such detail! It really clarifies a lot- Honestly, the website has a lot of reviews but they're not very helpful, so I really appreciate it.I will have to check out the hair masks! I've not heard much about them. I will be heading out to pick up the Curly Wurly and R&B, plus a few lip scrubs soon!! thanks for all your help Smiley Very Happy

Re: LUSH haircare products

Oh yes. I simply adore Lush's Big Shampoo! I have really fine hair so it takes a lot to give it volume. When I want to sport a more exciting hairdo I like to use Lush's Roots. Roots is a leave in cream where you apply it roughly 30 minutes prior to taking your shower, so you will need extra time in your routine to do this. So after using that and Lush's Big shampoo you will have amazing volumeized hair after you blow-dry your hair Smiley Happy I also have the R&B moisturizer too! It can be used to control any friz or fly away hairs and smells quite nice Smiley Happy Lush is very nice and will supply you with any sample you would like too Smiley Happy It is more expensive but their ingredients are so good! And they have an awesome return policy Smiley Happy I was able to return a lotion that I didn't really like without a receipt since I couldn't find it. Anyways though, good Luck!

Re: LUSH haircare products

wow, thanks for the info!! and the tip about roots- i might just have to pick it up when I head out to Lush tomorrow! Smiley Happy

Re: LUSH haircare products

Aww anytime! You should get a sample of it since it lasts for so long and you don't need too much, just enough for your roots Smiley Wink The big shampoo can be a little drying but I don't like to use it more than once a week on a special occasion or when I'm going out and I want my hair to be super pretty Smiley Happy Their sample sizes are really big too, almost double the size of the little clear sample pots that Sephora has Smiley Happy

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