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Kim Kardashian Haircut

Does anyone know how to ask your hair stylist for the exact same haircut style Kim Kardashian has????  I can't seem to find a picture that has excellent angles of her hair so I would be able to take it to the salon. 


When I take pictures to the salon of how I want my hair, it ends up looking completely different than the picture.  And by then it’s too late because your haircut is already done!!!


If you have great pictures of angles, please let me know and any ideas to make my haircut look better esp when providing pictures of how I want it.


I had Kim Kardashian's haircut (but I mostly flat ironed mine) Basically, tell your stylist that you want long layers all over especially in the back. You DON'T want short, razored layers, it could end up looking too choppy. Then in the front, cut your shortest layer below your chin and cut the layers in the front according to that. Keep in mind that to get her hair, you either have to have her thick, long hair texture or add extensions (if your hair is short, thin and unvoluminous).


If you want to curl your hair like hers after the haircut, then you can just use a curling iron and make loose curls all over Alternate the wrapping of the curls in order to get a more natural effect of curls (not too perfect looking curls). I apologize for not being super specific on the curls, it's just I have naturally wavy hair so I basically didn't have to do much to gain the same Kim K. effect, I basically just leave my hair as is and go over certain areas to add curl.


Also, look for a new stylist who is willing to listen to what you want. I've spent years finding the perfect stylist and now that I've found her, its made a major difference in the quality of my hair. We discuss what'll work on my hair before she cuts and then she shows me where and how short she'll cut before she does it. Be adamant about the amount you want to be cut and emphasize the long layers. Don't be afraid to speak up if you're getting nervous about the cut. Its better to say something early on rather than walking out of the salon with a bad cut.

I don't have a picture of Kim, but I wanted to suggest th...

I don't have a picture of Kim, but I wanted to suggest that you find a different hair stylist.  The reason I say this is because, like you, when I take a picture of a new haircut to my hair dresser she ends up fixing my hair the same way she has for the past 10 years.  I think she has gotten in her mind "my hairstyle" and can't deviate away from it even with a picture of what I want done differently.  My daughter was having the same problem with the same hair dresser so last week she went with a friend to a different stylist and got a new cut and highlights that she absolutely loves.  It is the style she has been trying to get our long-time hair dresser to do for her, but she always ended up with the same old cut.  Next time I am going to try a different stylist, too, because I'm sick of my same old haircut.

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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