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Kim Kardashian Hair

I want to know how I can get my hair to look like kim kardashian's hair.  I am talking about when she has it straight and it is split from the middle, there is so much great volume that is added to her hair.  Anyone know how I can do that???

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Blow your hair out strait, and add a volumunizing powder.  Like Got2B's.

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Look on YouTube for instructional videos on how to do blowouts.


And Kim DEFINITELY has extensions. No one has that much hair naturally. I think the best-looking, most affordable real-hair extensions are Luxy Extensions (google it and watch their videos). 

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Love the posts about Kim and her fake hair and hoard of stylists!  Right on target.

 You can have sexy hair too and do it all by yourself.  Take an afternoon on the weekend and play around with your curing/flat iron and  some of the products you already have on hand (WHICH many work awesomely on DRY hair too - experiment).  Try pulling hair up in a scruffy bun on the top of your head before bed and in the morning - wow!  Or a braid in the morning and waves for the evening.   A brush and blowdryer can give you a sleek look.  Many great suggestions from others listed here. 

Also, you don't need to shampoo every day - just a water or conditioner massage and rinse.  Your natural hair oils give body and shine (unless you spout oil like a Texas oil rig, then use a sulfate free one daily).

Try bobby pins, clear ponytail bands, little clip barretts - you can have awesome hair on your own!  

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Kim K doesn't even do her own hair  sweetie. If I had someone to do my hair every morning it would always be perfect too. I tell everyone, when blowdrying, if you want volume you blow dry up from the crown with a large round brush. Metal can burn so look for ceramic. If you want straight sleek hair, you pull the hair down and dry from the top. John Frieda has a shiny finishing spray that makes your tresses look absolutely glamorous.


Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Kim Kardashian has professional stylists at hand on the regular. Her hair is super long because the bottom half is fake. She has not a lock of hair out of place because in photo shoots she has a staff of people meticulously fixing hair. If you want more volume in your hair rollers is the easy way to do it. Blow out your hair with a round brush and then take all of the hair at the crown and put it in a big roller. Go about your business, doing your makeup and outfit and stuff, then take it out and curl random pieces with either a curved flat iron or a good curling iron. And don't worry if your hair doesn't look absolutely perfect like hers. Her hair doesn't even look like that in everyday life. Have you ever seen her ponytail? Her hair is quite flat and thin in real life. Nothing special. I'm not knocking Kim, I think she's beautiful and I'm a big fan! I'm just saying sometimes a little frizz can be sexy lol !

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

She probably has naturall very think hair to sport a middle parting. Maybe use volumnizing products. I feel that she looks best in wavy/curled hair. Use see if a middle parting suits your face. 

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Actually, you don't need thick hair to have a middle part.  I have fine wavy hair and my hair naturally parts right down the middle, no matter what I do.

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

The key to any smooth style is a great blowout. Using the right tools and products can help you achieve a magnificient mane. For a super voluminous, shiny hairstyle, I start with Pequi Oil treatment to smooth down any frizzies and to protect my hair from heat. I also use Living Proof's Leave-In Conditioner to add extra moisture as blow dryers can zap hair of moisture. I also use a large (3 inch) 100% boar bristled brush. I love the Marilyn Tuxedo brush as the inverted center of the brush helps to grab every strand as well as gently smooth the hair. The end result is loads of volume and seriously smooth strands. 

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

I just read in a gossip mag that she uses mousse.  It said Tresemme - not sure I believe that - but with the right mousse and a natural bristle round brush you could achieve crazy volume!!

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Hi ntailor,


I know exactly the look you're talking about, Kim K always has picture perfect hair. There are three things that you can do to achieve her hair look.


1.Part your hair down the middle and then apply a heat protectant, Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protectant Spray by Oscar Blandi will work as a defense against heat damage. It's very important to always use a heat protectant when using hot tools on your hair. Mist all over your hair paying special attention to the ends of your hair, that's usually the first place that hair will loose the slick straight look.


2. Next glide a flat iron through 1 to 1/2 inch pieces of hair at a time. The ghd flat iron will help you in getting smooth straight Kim Kardashian hair.


3.The final step is getting that volume! I highly recommend using Living Proof Thickening Cream. The advanced formula was developed by scientists and it deposits microscopic thickening dots on each strand of hair, which will give your hair a natural looking full appearance. Just apply a dime sized amount all over your hair for instant volume.


Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray


Classic 1" Styler





Full Thickening Cream


Whimsically yours,

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Kim's hair is gorgeous- I love it too.


Besides getting extensions... To make that kind of volume with your own hair try using a variety of volumizing products.  Try Alterna Volumizing Mousse and Alterna Root Blast root lifting spray.


Apply the mousse to wet hair and blow dry with a round brush to lift the hair off the scalp.  Part your hair down the center and blow dry to set the roots going in the right directions.  Using a large barrel curling iron or styling rod, curl 1 inch pieces of hair away from the face.  Pin each curl at the base to allow for it to set and cool.  


After you have completed curling all of your hair and each curl has cooled and set, take out the pins and run your fingers through them.  Spray the Root Lift at the roots of your hair around your crown to give extra lift.


Spray to set with a flexible hair spray and voila!  Kim Kardashian curls.





Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

Hey Jill, when you say pin the freshly curled hair, do you mean at the base, close to the scalp and just let the rest of the hair dangle freely?  or do you sort of re-curl the whole piece of hair?  do you use duck bill clips?  i have been trying to experiment with the curling iron and having mixed results.  Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!


thank you!!

Re: Kim Kardashian Hair

It's called extensions. She denies it but she absolutely has extension in that gives her volume and length. I'd say use a deep condiitoner, a diffuser dryer and make sure you have a healthy diet. Best of luck! 

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