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Keeping thick hair thick

I have naturally thick, wavy hair. Did I mention that my hair is thick? I have put my hair through a lot, from bleach to excessive heat (flat irons). I always use my flat iron for my bangs but aside from just that, I have not flat ironed my hair for 8 months! I do blow dry my hair with a round brush instead because it's not direct heat like the flat iron. I use a heat protectant as well. I have noticed that I do lose a good amount of hair whenever I wash my hair (2-3 times a week). I have not seen any bald spots, yet, but I'm hoping I never get to that point. I am going to start taking Biotin and change my diet to a more healthy one, but are there any good products for hair out there that reduces the amount of strands you lose? And are there any good products that can keep my hair full and thick? Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy

Re: Keeping thick hair thick

I read that you are going to take biotin. I suggest you take 10,000mcg in order to see results. Biotin did not add thickness to my hair or make it grow faster, it did however, make my nails grow like crazy. Biotin has been known to cause breakouts so be aware.

If you're considering a supplement I suggest Silica Gel by the company Hubner. Take it for a couple months and see if it helps. It's been working for me. It's also a old European secret the women use for great skin.
A good product I discovered threw a sample at Sephora is "Alterna Caviar CC 10-in-1 Cream".. This protects your hair and made my thin hair full of volume.

A concerning factor is that you say you are loosing a lot of hair. It's normal to loose hair but try making the switch to sulphate free shampoos. I use shampoos by the company Druide and also do Apple Cider Vingear rinses to clarify my scalp.

Re: Keeping thick hair thick

argan oil products are really repairing an I think they can help you. I used a treatment called pro naturals hair repair system and it worked really well on heat damaged hair so it should be good!

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