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Keep Hair Straight

I have frizzy curly hair and when I straighten it it tends to get very frizzy and puffy throughout the day. I need a hair product to keep it straight all day.

Re: Keep Hair Straight

I really like the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme - I use it when I am planning on straightening my hair and it keeps it smooth and frizz free/tangle free for 2 days usually.


My hair is wavy to start with when air dried, but I live in a super humid environment, so anything that lasts more than a day is a win in my book Smiley Happy

Re: Keep Hair Straight

I've got the same problem and have had a lot of success with Phyto's Phytodefrisant. It has a gooey texture, but spreads through my hair really well and keeps it on lockdown all day. If I don't workout or get caught in the rain, I can usually get two days to a blow-dry with it. Sometimes I'll try another product for a month or two, but I always come back to this one eventually.

Re: Keep Hair Straight

Hi LucyJohnson!  You might want to incorporate the new Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray into your straightening routine! Smiley Happy When straightening your hair, make sure you're taking sections and doing it slowly and carefully.  With each section, spray the top and bottom and then let dry for a second if it's a little damp before going at it with the flat iron.  This spray will protect your hair from heat but will also keep your hair from getting frizzy/puffy throughout the day. Smiley Happy 


Hope this helps! 






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