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Jet Black & Blue hair but what color eyebrows?

So currently I have Rihanna red hair, Im a natural blonde so I color in my eyebrows. Ive been wanting to color my hair JET Black with a hint of blue (Something like wonder women) ;p but my question is what color do I make my brows? Since Im not a natural black haired beauty so neither are my brows & I know from experience coloring in my eyebrows with a black color looks just fake & bad, so any tips? suggestions?wonder.jpg

Re: Jet Black & Blue hair but what color eyebrows?

Hi BiggieSmalls,


Since your hair is naturally pretty light, I would try using a taupe pencil and you can deepen it with a powdered shadow that is slightly darker. You do not want to go too deep because it might stand out too much!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil Taupe - cool taupe




<3 Melissa

Re: Jet Black & Blue hair but what color eyebrows?

I actually have shiny black//blue hair right now. I find that the shades used for dark brown hair are great. I use ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Powder in Ebony - deep neutral brown. Just find any brand you like, and find a cool dark brown Smiley Happy

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