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Is Deva no poo like Wen?

I just cut my very long hair chin length and now my natural curls are alive and well. I got a free sample of Deva curl styling cream and it made my curls really bouncy and amazing looking. I subscribed to Wen on a whim and hated it on my long hair but it seems ok with my short hair. Does anyone know if Deva no poo is the same as Wen?  I'm curious about no poo to maximize my new curls, but if it's the same as Wen, well, I've already got it. Thanks

Re: Is Deva no poo like Wen?

Ive never tried wen, but I love deva curl! its a non sudsy shampoo, smells like a light orange and you can feel the slightest touch of mint on your scalp, but my curls love it so much, my hair is so moist… i use the gel (i can't remember the name) for my curls too, they look crunchy when they dry, but the gel softens when you scrunch with your hands. its an amazing line 



Re: Is Deva no poo like Wen?

Deva No-Poo is similar in to Wen in some ways. It will have a similar feel and can be used in a similar way (although I suggest also using Deva One Condition in conjunction with No-Poo). However, I ultimately found that my curls did better with Deva because Wen contains amodimethicone. Amodimethicone can be a really nice ingredient, and has its purposes, but leaves my hair feeling dry after a few uses when it's in my cleanser or conditioner. 

Re: Is Deva no poo like Wen?

Thanks ladies. I ordered no poo. They are very different. Gave the Wen to my very straight haired kid. Appreciate the help. 

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