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In for the kill... Short hair....

So I've been thinking about cutting my hair short for the longest..I'm not sure why but I've been wanting to get a cut similar to the pix below.. I just can't make my mind up. I just dont want to regret itSmiley Sad I've never had my hair cut anywhere above my shoulders. I guess I've been longing for a new look.. However I don't want to confuse this feeling for feeling sad and wanting to just cut my hair off hoping I will feel better the way I do with splurging on makeup..haha. Last summer I did cut my bangs to try the look out though, and I loved the way it looked. I felt like it made my cheekbones popSmiley Happy I'll post a pix of what I want to cut my hair too and a pix of me know. Help me out ladies should I take a Jump. I do know ill never look as beautiful as them in the pix haha. Honest opinion please!? Face structure work? I have ombre but ever since I died it I want more and more... Haha but I'm lazy and hardly fix it up so I figure a short cut will be quick... Just never enough I guess... lol I like it to be funn flirty choppy edgy... Haha that's me with bangs... Oh yeah! My hair is dead strait /: so I'm sure it won't have volume like the edited pix that I found+the girls are all dolled upSmiley Happy and yes I have a long neck...haha

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

Ooooohhh, those are great pics. I say Go For It!! Without a doubt.

I cut my hair reaaaally short just before my junior year in HS. When my hairdresser took the first 'snip' I flinched and recoiled in terror. He then put a cape over the mirror and went to work. End result......I Cried!!!! It was only an inch long. Smiley Sad


However, when the waterworks were over, I Loved it!!! It was soooo easy to care for, I didn't have to worry about what it looked like if we were driving down the highway, windows open and top down, at 100 mph! Everyone Raved about it when school started and within a few months numerous girls got the same exact cut, even went to my hairdresser and asked for the "kssweetheart" (you get what I mean, just fill my real name in there)


My hair was much longer & really gorgeous before I had it cut and I always got compliments, I was pretty nervous about doing it, but I'm so glad I did. The true test was that when it started to grow in, I had it cut the same way again (although I didn't go as short as the first time, left it a little bit longer)

So obviously, if I didn't love it, I wouldn't have gotten it cut again. I grew it in after that, I just looked a little too 'cute' with it short and as you can imagine, I really didn't want to look so 'cute' at that age.


Now is the perfect time to try it. I think you could rock a really sassy, fun or hot short cut! If you're a hat girl and end up not loving it, it's winter - the perfect season for a hat as cover up. You'll be surprised at how quickly it grows in too. I'm glad I did it and I think you will be too. The picture of you with bangs is beautiful! But you can always go a bit slower and not go for the immediate shock, just work your way there gradually - it might be easier. Just depends if you're a slowly work your way into a freezing cold body of water person or if you just go for it and jump right in!


Just a thought, you should make sure your hairdresser is good at cutting short hair and is also good with whatever texture your hair is (thick, fine, heavy etc.) Having someone who's good at that combo will be key to your happiness. Smiley Happy Looking forward to pictures. Smiley Happy

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

Thanks! I totally over looked the hair cutter.. Now I have to search for a great place. I just hope they don't mess my hair upSmiley Sad

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

I actually just got my hair cut. Not super short but compared to before, yes. I needed to chop off the dead ends. Oh and that's not ombre, it's just previously bleached damaged hair that grew out haha.



I think you'll look fine with short hair, I like the top right corner pic the best because there's still a little length in the front which will probably be just a bit less dramatic of a chop. Just don't forget that short hair requires more maintenance and more regular trims to keep the shape and length.

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

You look beautiful with short hairSmiley Happy


Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

I love the short hair on you Smiley Happy

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

Thank you very much ladies!Smiley Happy you are all very much helpSmiley Happy I'm stuck a little still. I read some opinions then I don't want to cut it but then I read others and I'm all for it.. Haha but I agree I thin I'll start with a bob like Vanessa H didSmiley Happy then work my way shorter if I decide toSmiley Happy the thing is I have ombre hair so if I get a bob I think ill have color on my ends and might look funny Smiley Very Happy 

i just hate how I have long hair and I feel like it doesn't look nice on me. I've found that bangs look nice and pull out my features better than long hair. And I realized  when I have my hair pulled back it looked nicer than just flat and long. So I came to the conclusion that if my hair is pulled out of my face and have bangs maybe a short haircut with choppy messy bangs woul fit me better and bring my features out....

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

Well whatever you decide, don't forget that hair grows back! How's your hair growth rate? If it's fast then all the more reason to cut it!

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

As a child my hair grew really fast haha. But recently it slowed down a little but still pretty fast compared to others I believe. My brothers hair grows fast as well so I guess it runs in the family..haha. True it will always grow back and I'm young once why not have a little funn.. Do you think it will make me look older?

im 20 very tiny 5"3 and 105lb.

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

Litho I I'm tinny my head is a little big I! My BF hats are snugg on my head so it might be my hair or my head is slightly bigger than his..but he dose look like he has a tinny head haha!

Re: In for the kill... Short hair....

Hmm I don't want to say older, maybe just a bit more sophisticated. But really the worst that could happen is people will probably mistake you for 21 or something lol. I think tiny people look the best in short and pixie cuts to be honest.

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