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IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

IGK Consult Post.jpg

I am excited to announce our first ever Live Hair Consultation on BeautyTalk! Mark your calendars because this Wednesday, 3/22 from 10 am - 2 pm PST, the founders of IGK will be on BeautyTalk answering all of your hair questions. 


This probably sounds similar to Live Chats and that's because it is. The difference is that Live Consultations are personalized to your hair and much longer than a Live Chat (FOUR hours). Because everyone's hair is different, we are encouraging participants to upload a photo of their hair along with their question. What we want is for you to feel like you're getting the (virtual) salon treatment so show them your hair and tell them about your hair type and hair goals for the best advice! The Founders of IGK are a group of four talented hairstylists who really know their stuff so they can help you master your frizz, give tips on curling your hair or even give advice on the right cut for your face shape. 



Be sure to follow the link below this Wednesday, 3/22! We'll be live from 10 am - 12 pm PST:


See you there!


Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

i have extremely thick and wavy hair but i feel like it always looks frizzy no matter what! HELP!!!


Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

Head's up the link to the chat thread is posted above. This thread is merely to announce there will be a chat. 


The chat thread is currently closed but will be open March 22 from 10am - 2pm PST. Once the thread is live you can post your image and hair questions to the guys at IGK!

Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22



Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

Can't wait for this to kick off!!!!

Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

Hi all!


I'm posting to remind everyone that IGK will be on BT tomorrow! The Live Hair Consultation will start in the morning at 10am PST and the founders will be answering your questions until 2pm. 


Their advice will be tailored to each participant so if you're asking a question please upload a photo to help them help you Smiley Happy 


See you all tomorrow!

Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

Cool concept. Too bad you need to upload a pic.

Re: IGK Live Hair Consultation on 3/22

While we *highly encourage* everyone to upload a picture to get the best and most customized consultation possible, you aren't required to upload a picture to participate! Especially if you're particularly skilled in describing your hair type over the internet. Smiley Happy

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