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Post in Best Hair Ever

I want wavy hair!

My hair is really flat, how can I find a product that will help with this or help me achieve a natural wave in my hair?

Re: I want wavy hair!

Hi, Sandra!


Check into the below thread where I share some tips on creating texture and waves in fine, straight hair without the aid of heat/thermal tools.

Re: I want wavy hair!

Does your hair hold curl well?  I think that is an important factor.  As Sandra says, if your hair is that flat and straight you'll likely need something more than just a styling product to achieve waves.  But it's also to keep in mind whether your hair will hold the wave once it's been introduced.  One thing I would skip would be waving irons.  I have two and even with hair that is naturally savvy and holds a curl very well I find they don't end up creating a very attractive look.

Re: I want wavy hair!

I also recommend SoCal curls! and some spray (I recommend Loreal Elnette in gold spray can!). 

The best part of this is, although it may not let you have a precisely organized curls, it does nearly zero damage to your hair. Not only curling irons, but also many curling products (sea-salt spray, hair rollers made in plastic, or just any plastic or metal) can cause damage to your hair when used often. That hairband obviously is in fabric, which does least damage. 

Re: I want wavy hair!

I had straight hair until my 30's when I had 5 pregnancies and now I have wavy hair 🙂 check out the SoCal curls headband (google it or check youtube for videos) and you can get overnight waves without heat. Good alternative to curling iron. Iron works great but you don't want to do that every day...

Re: I want wavy hair!

Hi Sandra1616,


I feel like this is just one of those facts of life... those with curly or wavy hair wish they had straight hair, and those with straight hair wish they had curls. In my experience, if you have naturally very straight, flat hair it will take more than just a spray to boost your natural waves. If you really want natural waves, I'd suggest curling your hair or you can try the method of sleeping with your hair in a french braid then taking the braid out in the morning, but the braid technique will only work for those with certain hair textures! 


To curl your hair for natural looking waves, I'd suggest using a styling cream and a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel. For styling cream I like Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day™ 5-in-1 Styling Treatment - you can put this on your damp hair and then blow dry before you start to curl your hair. The styling cream will help with protecting your hair from the heat but also make it shiny and make it hold style better (without feeling crispy or dry).


Sulta has a 1-inch barrel curling iron that will work for creating big, wavy, curls. Wrap 2-inch sections around the barrel to get big, loose waves that you can then shake out a little bit once you're done curling to avoid that clearly-just-curled look!


Re: I want wavy hair!

I had stick straight hair my entire life and had always wanted curly hair.  Then I went to grad school.  I was under so much stress from working a full-time job, a part-time job, and going to school in the evenings (and pushing myself to achieve a high GPA) that my hair turned curly!


Five years later, my hair has started relaxing...or maybe it's the lack of humidity, but it hasn't been this straight since before my MBA.  I love my curly hair; I'll be disappointed if it has reverted, but it was fun while it lasted!


This is not exactly the best method for achieving curly hair (it's also very expensive!)...  😉


There used to be hot irons that put waves or crimps in your hair.

Re: I want wavy hair!

I don't know if it is stress, but my hair has definitely changed overtime.  When I was little, little it was wavy, then very straight for most of my childhood, then got very slightly wavy, and became more wavy/curly in adulthood.

Re: I want wavy hair!

This is so interesting - I've heard many, many people say their hair changed texture during puberty or after having a baby (clearly changes tied to hormones), but I've never heard anyone say their hair changed from stress! I suppose it makes sense though, since stress can certainly affect the body's chemistry!


Re: I want wavy hair!

Heh. I have naturally wavy hair and want perfectly silky, straight hair.

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