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I need a new shampoo!

I've been dedicated to Bumble & Bumble's Seaweed shampoo and conditioner for years. Recently I cut my hair several times, totaling about 12-15 inches off of where it was a year ago. Since I've done this, my hair seems to get more oily quicker than it did when it was long. My old favorite doesn't seem to be getting it as clean as it should as I can only go a day or two before another wash. I really love Bumble & Bumble, but something's gotta give. Any ideas?!

Re: I need a new shampoo!

Also try using a dry shampoo at the roots, especially if you have bangs! Bumble and Bumble White Hair Powder.

<3 Melissa

Re: I need a new shampoo!

Hi Serveitup524,


Try using a clarifying shampoo a few times a week! It's really helpful with removing product build up and dirt and oil.


Sunday Shampoo



Try also using an exfoliating scalp treatment like the Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment.

It has gentle exfoliating beads and your scalp feels so clean afterwards!



<3 Melissa

Re: I need a new shampoo!

I've tried a few. Big Sexy Hair, Oscar Blandi, and Kenra. They all seemed to stick to my hair too much that I'd have white flecks in my hair all day, the Kenra also seemed to dry out my scalp quite a bit. Maybe I tried the wrong ones?

Re: I need a new shampoo!

I would have suggested Kenra, But since that didn't work you may have to look into switching shampoos. On a side note i don't use dry shampoo, i wash my hair every other day sometimes i go longer if it doesn't look bad, but i use a finishing powder and an old but clean makeup brush and get alittle powder and put it where it gets oily, and it works for me. Maybe you could look into that or trying a dry shampoo thats a powder. I think they work nice. But as far as shampoos, Since you don't wash your hair too much i would suggest Paul Mitchells Tea tree shampoo. You can continue using a conditioner you already love or get the tea tree one as well. The shampoo is great at getting your hair really clean and it helps very well with dandruff, if you have that, and works for oily hair types. I'm not really familiar with shampoo sold at sephora so i can't help if your looking for something that can purchased here. But also another note to keep in mind is about conditioner, i don't know how you use it, but the ideal way to use conditioner is to only apply it through the midshaft to ends of hair. Getting it on the scalp can lead to oily hair as well. I hope this helps a bit.

Re: I need a new shampoo!

I have heard that tea tree may work. I used the Paul Mitchell for a bit, I know Bumble & Bumble also makes a tea tree one as well so that may be worth trying. Thank you!

Re: I need a new shampoo!

I wasn't aware they made a tea tree one, That sounds like it would work just as well! Hope it all works out!

Re: I need a new shampoo!

Well if you love your B&B you might want to look into a dry shampoo. It can be a lot easier to add that in on days you don't wash your hair than to completely change your Shampoo. Have you tried any Dry shampoos?


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