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I need a good storage solution

I just purchased a large amount of high end make up and will be recievi ng more for xmas. I have a medium make up bag but it is already too small for what i previously owned. What would be good to store my rapidly growing collection and not have to dump out my entire bag every time i do my make up? 

I use 2 of the drawers in my long dresser for makeup. I h...

I use 2 of the drawers in my long dresser for makeup. I had my BF make wooden dividers that I can arrange the way best fits my makeup for that season......I had him make a longer pace for brushes for example. Anyways, if you or someone you know is skilled enough to make you dividers for a drawer, it a good way to stay organized and also make good use of something u already have at home Smiley Happy And you can customize it for your things very easily! I also have a small caboodle that I keep things in I dont use very often so they dont take up space in my drawer. I got the caboodle at Target and it works well with all the compartments for keeping organized also. Hope this helps! Oh and I lined my drawers with a nice velvety type liner...I just got a yard of material at the craft store and layed it in with a non slip spongy material (that stuff you can put under rugs and things to keep them from sliding) I didnt glue it down so I can easily take it out and clean it when needed. The material lining the drawer helps to keep things from sliding around.

Good luck

You can also just get one of those purse organizer inserts and stick that in a drawer...they work great for many things other than as a purse insert Smiley Happy They had them on either hsn or qvc last can check their websites. They were 9 pocket purse organizers.

I have one drawer full of my vanity just for my makeup....

I have one drawer full of my vanity just for my makeup.  Like items stacked on top of each other.  I always keep them arranged at EXACTLY the same place, that way I now which color I'm pulling. 

Also, I have a pretty photo storage box full of items that I don't use often; i.e. in the winter time, I put in this box all summer colors and in the summer, I remove the winter colors from my drawer and transfer them to the box and bring into the drawer the summer colors.  

All of skin care products are always either neatly arranged in the medicine cabinet or on my vanity.   

Hope this gives you some ideas to build upon. 

Smiley Happy

Mary Kay makes a Travel Roll Up Bag that is amazing for s...

Mary Kay makes a Travel Roll Up Bag that is amazing for storing make-up. It has a hook for if you want to hang it on a towel rack but it also rolls up nicely and has a handle for travel. It is a little bit pricey though. They used to give them out if you brought a certain amount of product. But if you are willing to pay for it it works well. I'd look at it through a representative before I bought it though. Also, Target might have some good solutions. I am guessing you could also look at tools or bags on the Sephora website. The ones that roll or fold up are good because they have different zippered pockets so you don't have to dump everything out every time you want something. Best of Luck!

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