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I am looking for a heat protection product

My hair is super thick and curly with dry, split ends. I am been looking at the choices online but am not sure which one would be best for me. It usually takes me about an hour to straighten it and it gets oily a day or two after I straighten. I want something that can go on when its dry and I can straighten right away because I do not blow dry or straighten when its wet. I would prefer something that doesnt just protect but also leaves my hair smooth and without frizz. It seems like theres a lot of different options, please help! 

Re: I am looking for a heat protection product

I have very similar hair and find Bumble & Bumble hairdresser's invisible oil tames frizz, can go on wet or dry hair, heat protectant. This oil soaks in quickly, no residue and gives hair a little shine. I received from B&B directly as they offer frequently codes that includes a handful of samples or deluxe sizes.


Since my hair is also dry, I wet it down everyday either lightly in the shower then leave in conditioner or a spray bottle mixed with leave in conditioner. Also I use only a microfiber towel and scrunch the hair in the towel, which helps lessen frizz. A normal cotton towel causes more frizz.


For the split ends, you need a hair trim to get rid of the splits. Split ends also cause frizz and those strands are unhealthy, dry and can go all the way to the hair shaft.


Don't wash your hair everyday, as this will also dry it out and the scalp's natural oils. Try using a dry shampoo when you straighten to keep the style longer and will help soak up the oil.

How often do you straighten? Hopefully not very frequently, as this will do more harm than good for your hair.

Re: I am looking for a heat protection product

Thanks so much for your help! I have been looking at the alterna and wasnt sure about the Bumble and Bumble but I will probably try both since I can return it if It doesnt work. I use to straighten it everyday but that was about 4 years ago. Then I went a while without straightening it so it could grow out healthy. Now I really only do it for special occasion or when I need a change. Really want to be careful with protecting it.

Re: I am looking for a heat protection product

My holy grail heat protection when I style my hair! Well I mostly straighten it is Chi Silk Infusion Smiley Happy I LOVE IT! i put it when my hair is fully dry, A little drop of it goes a long way! and leaves my hair silky smooth and tames it all day! even during the humid days! my hair doesnt get frizzy .Its abit pricey, but in my opinion its worth it Smiley Very Happy .



Re: I am looking for a heat protection product

My hair is curly and dry with a ton of split ends too! Anyways, I love Alterna hair products, they're amazing as I keep repurchasing them and have made my sister and friends love them too. I love how they fall on the natural side of hair products, so generally the smell of them is not overwhelming or chemically at all. I actually enjoy their smell. They're just plain wonderful.


The bamboo smooth anti-breakage thermal protectant spray is a great product if you're using styling tools such as a flat iron or curling wand. It can be used on damp or dry hair and it gives the hair a wonderful smooth finish when styled, hence "bamboo smooth." After using a styling tool with this product, the ends of the hair do not look damaged, instead they look smooth, well treated, and healthy. 




Hope I helped!

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