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How to get silky hair?

I have been coloring my hair for years, and it has gotten to be pretty damaged. It is also naturally curly, so lately I have been leaving it curly to avoid heat.However, whenever I do use a hot iron or blow dryer it just never seems to get silky and shiny. Does anyone have suggestions? I have recently started using Coconut oil and hair masks, which seems to help but it also just seems I am missing something. How do I make my hair all silky and shiny when straightened?  Does the flat iron or tools make a difference? What products are best?


Re: How to get silky hair?

I agree with the previous suggestions.  The trick with hair (and especially curly hair) is getting the right balance of protein and moisture.  If your hair is severely damaged, you will want large amounts of both.  I haven't tried LP products, but I know that they are sulfate and silicone free, which will definitely help.  If you're going to use silicone products for straightening (MoroccanOil, etc.), the most gentle cleansers that I've tried that will remove silicone build up are by Curl Junkie (Daily Fix or Curl Assurance) and Deva (Low-Poo or DevaCARE No-Poo).  

Most of the curlies I know straighten their hair on occasion and don't have any significant issues.  The problem is if it's done regularly.  Temps above 165 F have been shown to cause permanent damage to hair, and the average flat iron is at least twice that temperature.  Protein, moisture, and coconut oil (especially as a pre-wash treatment) will help mend the appearance of damaged hair to a point.  But there is also a point where it becomes best to cut your losses, literally, especially if you're dealing with a lot of split ends, since splits can and will travel further up the hair strand.

Re: How to get silky hair?

It could just be your hair type. But these are some of my fave products for sleek looks:


Morrocanoil Treatment (on wet hair on the ends)

Kenra Blow Dry Spray

Its a 10 Miracle Shine Spray

Re: How to get silky hair?

When was the last time you got a trim? 


Though trims and cuts never sound fun, they are vital in keeping hair healthy and maintained, especially if it's a sleek and silky look you want. That look can easily get tossed out the door if ends are splayed, frazzled, dry, and damaged. Getting rid of dead and damaged ends will ensure a much easier route to go about for the smooth look and allows you to spend less time trying to tame those portions.


The suggestion from Carolang for Living Proof is spot on! LP is one of my favorite brands because it doesn't rely on silicones or waxes to smooth and tame hair, but rather polyfluroesters which keep hair weightless but manageable, combating frizz and helping to smooth the look of locks. Their No Frizz line is great for all hair types and will be great first steps to keeping frizz on lock and helping curls look smooth and be ready if you need to straighten.


Most shine or smoothing products rely heavily on silicones, dimethicone, and waxes, which are effective and do yield results, but in excessive use and without the aid of a clarifying shampoo from time to time, too much build up actually works against hair. These ingredients operate by forming thin barriers around strands to lock out excess moisture and humidity (even heat damage in thermal protectant products), but when hair is coated over and over and over with these products these bonds can actually lock out moisture that hair actually needs to stay conditioned and not dry out. Again, the key is proper use, not over applying, and using a clarifying shampoo now and again if you frequent styling products with these ingredients.


Curly hair can benefit from cream, oil, and serum based formulas as sprays may be too light weight. Frederic Rekkai makes a wonderful Glossing Cream that is enriched with olive oil to add shine and help keep hair smooth. Try a thermal protectant serum like Redken's Heat Glide whenever you do use a flat iron, blow dryer, or any heat tool to protect strands from drying out. 

Re: How to get silky hair?

Thank you!!!!!


Re: How to get silky hair?

I love coconut oil and hair masks (neutrogena triple moisture is my fave) for hair health. I also have curky/wavy-ish (since its pretty long now) hair that I use demi-permanent hair color on.


Currently I am obsessed with the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream (I see why Jen Anniston is a co-owner now). It's amazing. 


As a finishing touch I am now using the Agave Oil Treatment (like Moroccan/Argan oils but "more lightweight since its from a plant and not a nut"). This stuff really packs on the shine without looking greasy. I can't get myMoroccan oil to look good on my hair (reg or light version). 


Anyways my hair is SO soft and shiny I can't believe it, it reminds me of little girls hair that is so healthy it's hard to keep a hair tie in it since its so soft. Sorry for the odd comparison haha. The living proof products are truly amazing.

Re: How to get silky hair?

Thank You!!! I will be looking into the Agave ASAP!


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