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How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

Okay so I’ve tried various products to get rid but none seem to work for me. Recently I purchased Selsum Blue and I don’t know if it’s working. I wash my hair and all seems well until my hair dries or even while wet you see the dandruff on my strands. It’s so embarrassing to do certain hairstyles because of it. Please someone help.

RE: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

Nizoral shampoo. I have a really oily scalp which results in a lot of dandruff causing buildup. I’ve tried Head & Shoulders, Neutrogena T-gel and Selson Blue. None of them worked as well as the Nizoral. I lather my hair with it in the shower and leave it on for a minute or two before scrubbing my scalp with a rubber bristle scalp brush I bought on Amazon. Then I rinse and condition like normal. I’m no longer itchy and there’s no gross white confetti on my clothes. An added bonus is that Nizoral doesn’t smell as gross as other dandruff shampoos so no one will even know you’re using it.

RE: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

Use the briogeo charcoal and coconut exfoliating shampoo and the scalp serum

Re: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

Mustard seed oil. You've got to try it to believe it. I've had dandruff cause by dry scalp as well as by oily scalp depending on which country i was living in at that time. Mustard seed oil calms the itch (if any). And the dandruff pretty much disappears. If you cant find it at a store, try And good luck!

RE: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

As I am is an amazing product to get rid of dandruff if you have curly hair but lots of shampoo/ conditioner as well that contain tea tree oil helps a lot with dandruff. You can’t get rid of dandruff but there’s lots of ways to control it and minimize it. Also when washing off your conditioner put the water cold that will tighten the follicles on your head and will help a little as well with dandruff since hot water will open it and cause your scalp to dry more 🙂 hope this helps

Re: RE: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!


Hot water vs cold water has nothing to do with dandruff. Hot water does slightly open the surface layer of the cuticle of the hair which is why if you have coloured hair and constantly have hot showers, your colour tends to fade faster. But it does not relate to the scalp. 

You can’t tighten the follicle, it is under the surface of your scalp. 

RE: Re: RE: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

oh well that’s good to know now many people have told me that can make my dandruff worse (using hot water) since it would dry out the scalp and stuff so that’s what i always believed but now i know it really doesn’t matter the temperature of the water thank you 🙂

Re: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

@SamX7 I stick with good ol’ Head and Shoulders. My favorite is the Instant Relief version, but the original works great too. I’ve gotten boughts of dandruff my whole life, and I’ve never had any issues getting rid of it or keeping it at bay with Head and Shoulders.  

Re: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!

Go see a dermatologist. It's not just dandruff.

Re: How to get rid of DANDRUFF!!!


Zinc is the ingredient you want to look for when purchasing a anti dandruff shampoo. I only know professional brands, not drug store brands, however I do know the following work: 

AG Control Anti Dandruff Shampoo (Ulta) 

Biotop Eco Dandruff Shampoo 

Biologe Scalp Sync Anti Dandruff Shampoo 

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