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How to get longer hair?

Hey(: I have medium blonde hair that comes a little bit past my shoulders, i got it trimmed last year and i have dead ends now but i don't wanna make it short. i straighten my hair daily and i was wondering how i can style my hair differently without damaging it. Also if there are any products that can strengthen my hair i would be extremely happy. Thank you all so much.

Love Katie

Re: How to get longer hair?

Give your scalp a massage every day for 10 minutes and flip your head upside down for about 2 minutes to get the blood circulating around the follicles. Eat eggs and poultry for protein, your hair is protein so it requires it to grow. Drink plenty of water to hydrate and eat plenty almonds, fish and dark green vegetables. Make sure to maintain the health and moisture of your hair using hydrating hair masks, like the Moroccan argan oil hair mask from Pro Naturals it's really repairing.

Re: How to get longer hair?

You want the split ends cut or they will just keep splitting worse, higher and higher up.  Then you need to get a trim about every 8-12 weeks even when you are growing your hair to prevent the split ends. A good stylist can just dust off the ends and you won't notice any difference in length.  It really does make a big difference in the quality of your hair.


I have wavy hair that simply cannot be left naturally.  It's not curly enough to leave naturally curly and just a frizzy disaster if I don't straighten it.  What I've found works for me is buying a good smoothing/straightening shampoo and conditioner.  A really good one actually does make a difference.  I use Aveda Smooth Infusion, but I'm sure Sephora sells something similar.  Don't blow dry and let it air dry.  That adds a lot of time, but it's worth it for the quality of your hair. 


The other product I've been amazed with is the InStyler.  I was very skeptical at first, and at $100 it had better be amazing.  For me, it really, really is that amazing.  I don't have to blow dry anymore.  I don't need the higher heat I used on a straight iron.  And my hair is so much silkier, smoother, and yet still has more body and life.  Even my hair stylist asked what I was using because it looked so good!  But if you don't want something like that, then the suggestion to turn down the heat is a good one, and use thermal protecting products.

Re: How to get longer hair?

haha my first time getting bleeped! anyways, my hair is long hah, a specific product suggestion though that I will add is that I do use the Chi Keratin Mist on the underside of my hair. Do a little google research and find out if its for you. But it's marketed as a leave-in strengthening treatment with proteins to fortify your hair. I have changed so many variables with my haircare that I can't say this has been a game changer, but its the longest I've gotten that delicate/curly part of my hair. For deep conditioners and leave-in, I love the Neutrogena Triple Moisture line for an affordable option.

Re: How to get longer hair?

I had my hair shoulder length about a year and a half ago, and now its a little past my **bleep**.


The only true way to get hair that long that is still healthy is to keep it natural. I rarely blow dry my hair, and a straightener or curling iron touches it only on special occasions 2-3 times a year.


Also, might I note, that I have fine hair - wavy on the top, curly on the underside. What growing my hair out countless times has taught me is that not everyone can grow long hair. The curly hair on the underside looks a lot worse than the rest of my hair, and I always end up chopping off a lot of my hair because that more delicate hair starts getting split ends and in worse condition as it gets longer. So that is why I challenged myself on this grow out to not blow dry and straighten my hair every time I wash it. I also now work in a hospital where no one seems my hair and even though it gets really oily I can still go 2-3 days without washing since no one sees it. MORAL of the story - certain hair does have a length limit... so keep it healthy, cut the split ends already they'll just get worse... and embrace your length!


But in general my tips for growing out:

-always cut split ends, never have split ends during growing process

-limit blow drying to 1x week or less

-rarely use curling irons/straigheners (letting it air dry with a braid produces a beautiful result! go for no heat methods) - if you do use them follow Lylysa's heat setting suggestions

-coconut oil overnight in hair every one or two weeks, may take shampooing twice to really wash out - makes hair very shiny

-deep condition 1x week

-I personally get a trim every 3 months. and since I don't damage my hair they don't have to cut much off since I don't have split ends - this is how my hair grows longer despite cutting

-I do take a biotin supplement

-eat healthy!

Re: How to get longer hair?

For starters, regular trims over the course of every 8-12 weeks (sometimes even 6-8, depending on state of your hair) will help decrease the damage on ends.


Trimming hair doesn't make it grow any faster, but getting frequent/regular trims will allow you to track progress of hair growth better because you can see where it was trimmed to and where it grew out to once it comes around to your next trim.


Damaged, dead ends aren't going to be reversed or saved for the long haul. Though deep conditioners with protein complexes and humectants (moisture binding ingredients) will help to a degree, they will not turn damaged hair back into healthy hair.


In regards to split ends, take a look at this thread:


I list out some brands that contain temporary split end menders and how they work to give you an idea of what you're using in addition to deep conditioners, and the dietary supplement of biotin and where to find it naturally in food.


What styling products or thermal protectants are you using,, if any, when you're flat ironing your hair? What flat iron do you use and does it have adjustable temperature controls? If it does, start using lower settings. Be sure to always have the right temperature if you're able to adjust. Generally a low to mid 200 for fine hair/damaged hair, high 200 to mid 300 degrees is good for medium/normal hair, and 300 to low 400 for thick, coarse, or curly hair works.



Re: How to get longer hair?

If you have dry, split ends then you need to get it cut. The longer you wait the worse the damage will be & the more you'll need to get cut off. 

I'm bad and only get my hair trimmed 2-4x a year, but every 4-5 years I get a good healthy cut. For me, that was last week & I got 4 inches cut off. I almost cried! It's still past my shoulders, just not as long as I like to keep it. But WOW! My hair is a lot softer & looks nicer. 


Re: How to get longer hair?

Stop using a flat iron on your hair. Grow it out, get regular trims, AND splurge on a Brazilian hair treatment. It coats your hair and keeps it slick straight without damaging it daily.

Re: How to get longer hair?

If your ends are dry or damaged I suggest using an oil like Moroccan Oil on the ends... makes my hair feel a lot smoother! Apparently it comes in a "light" version now but I haven't tried that one, the original works great.

As far as styling, it took me a LONG time to appreciate my own natural hair. So many people along the years had told me to stop straightening my hair everyday but I didn't want to listen. And let me tell you, not only does letting your hair go natural make your hair feel better, but it saves time! 


You can also try doing more braids or updo's. Casey Holmes on youtube has a video on doing 3 different styles of buns that you may want to try out. Look her up Smiley Happy

Depending on the type of hair you have, you can go to sleep in a damp/wet braid, and when you take it out in the morning you'll have loose waves!

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: How to get longer hair?

Technically, there are no products that will "make your hair grow."

Human hair grows between  ¼" and ½" per month, usually fluctuating slightly each month. Your individual growth rate depends on your genes. And the only way to increase its length is to simply let it grow for awhile.


Also, there's no such thing as "dead ends." Your entire hair is dead protein. The only living part of your hair is the follicle in your scalp and these have a limited life span.


If you mean split ends, the only solution is to trim them off before the split travels farther up the hair shaft. Nothing will "glue" them back together.
 And if you're using heated appliances every day, it's not surprising if you have split ends. Heated appliances - especially flat irons - are extremely damaging.


You could try using a straightening balm and then letting your hair air dry 75% before finishing with a dryer on low/cool settings.


Or you could embrace your waves and work with what nature gave you instead of trying to make your hair be something it's not.


Also, following a healthy diet can help. Many people recommend supplements for healthy hair but there's really no need for these if you simply eat healthy to begin with.



Re: How to get longer hair?

She is right. You should eat healthy with proteins, iron (fish, pork, etc..even my hairdresser can tell what I've been eating because my hair grew so fast everytime I sit on her chair) And some vegetables like kale, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots,lettuce. But not too much of all I have mentioned. Balanced diet is important. If you can try not to use too much heat hair tools to prevent damage on hair like split ends. If you style your hair with heat, just make sure use some heat spray Smiley Happy
Hope this helps

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